Saturday, November 28, 2009

TOTD: Crimson Sparkle

So, you may remember my claims that I was going to keep doing my pedis throughout the winter, so that my feet weren't in such sad shape as they were last spring once the snow melts this time ... and may also have noticed that since that proclamation there have been exactly ZERO TOTD posts ... mainly because I get too cold to sit around with bare feet long enough to do a pedi.

But! I picked up a pair of very cute pink pedi socks (basically socks with no toes) with my 8ty8 order, so I finally got around to painting my toes. This is from Revlon's Color Illusion collection, Crimson Sparkle:

Even if the only time I'll get to see them is while I'm doing my yoga LOL. Still is nice to know they're pretty underneath the socks =)

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