Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Ups & Downs of Matte-ifying Chrome

I know a lot of you already do this trick, of snazzing up a mani for a 2nd day of wear by adding some Konad or other nail art, but I've only started doing it recently & am still pretty proud of myself =) Although I'm not particularly proud of this particular snazz-up. Thus I have today a learning experience to share with you LOL.

I wanted something kind of subtle, but this ended up being TOO subtle. If you want anything like a good look at the Konad, you're going to have to click to enlarge, lean in close, squint your eyes, and possibly pat your head while rubbing your tummy. It's a faint pattern in real life but in pictures it's just impossible. It just looks like texture ... this could be called How About A Tumble Suede LOL. Konad done with China Glaze Passion & image plate m73:

But, the main goal after all was to switch up the look for the 2nd day of wear. And it did accomplish that, if not quite as I initially intended. From an arms length I literally cannot see the Konad at all, but I like the way it does look.

Now, the real learning experience. I initially considered leaving this glossy, and I tried a normal topcoat (Seche) on my thumb & didn't like it. BUT! After the matte topcoat (China Glaze Matte Magic BTW), my thumb actually looks like I wanted the rest to look. Which is weird, you wouldn’t expect that to really make a difference … Here's a couple comparison shots:

So, have you done any matte-ifying of chrome polishes? & if so how did your results turn out? Leave a comment or drop an email & let me know, because I'm pretty curious at this point if I'd get results like this with chrome polish across the board, or if it had more to do with this particular polish, or, given how often companies change their formula, this collection - Passion is part of the the Romantique collection, which I think is generally agreed to be a poorer version of chrome than the new Khrome collection.

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  1. I think that looks really good! I like it when the Konad has a subtle pattern or similar colors. I'm just starting to matte things haha.

  2. bon jour collette, i want to get my nails
    the same shape as yours and i actually adore
    this subtle paisley-like-print manicure.

  3. That's really a pretty manicure. I love the stamp pattern. It is subtle but lovely and delicate.

  4. AURORA - Thanks =) Once you start with the matte, it's hard to stop LOL

    GILDEDANGEL - Thank you =)

    MIA - Thanks =)

    LUCY - Thanks =)


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