Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pretty & Tasty

The pretty - this morning's sunrise:

& the tasty (although it's also pretty) - from my favorite local delicious gourmet bakery Truffles & Tortes, this one is called a Bailey's Rumba:

Going to edit today's nail pics & post those up next, stay tuned =)



  1. Gorgeous sky! That dessert looks really delicious!

  2. Mouth. Watering. Stomach. Rumbling. Pop one of those in a box and post it to me in New Zealand ok? I'm sure it would survive the trip just fine ...

  3. omgosh! love the gorgeous skyline and the
    sinful truffle & of course your nails.

  4. LUCy - Thanks =)

    SELINA - LOL I would if I could!

    MIA - Thanks =)


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