Sunday, November 15, 2009

Guest NOTD: SH Emerald Amethyst

I was looking over at Body & Soul and my mom saw this over my shoulder & started oooh'ing & ahhh'ing so I pulled open my duo-chrome drawer to see if I had it for her & I did =) She wasted no time in changing her mani to this; Sally Hansen nail Prisms Emerald Amethyst. Sorry the pics aren't the best, but it's a lot harder taking pics of someone else's nails LOL:

Thanks for reading =)



  1. Tell your mom this looks great on her, she has very nice nails/hands! My mom asks me to do her nails sometimes too. Michelle

  2. I used to have this. Unfortunately I got rid of it. I used to go thru all my polish and makeup and give away the stuff to my younger cousins. I'm not giving away polish ever again. Lovely shade. Looks fantastic on your Mom.

  3. GILDEDANGEL - Thanks =)

    MICHELLE - My dad actually loves it on her too =)

    LUCY - Too bad you don't have it any more, thank goodness we know better now =) Polish thinner = miracle in a bottle LOL


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