Friday, November 6, 2009

Don't Let The Konad Get You Down!

Feeling down & frustrated with your attempts at nail art? Don't fall victim to konadaphobia!

konadaphobia: noun
Fear of doing a sucky Konadicure, often arising after several failed stamping attempts

Yes, I've been disappointed enough in my skills the last few tries that I had to create a word to describe my trepidation as I started this mani. Kind of one of those, "if you fall off the horse, get right back on" deals, because I refused to do a mani without Konad until I have redeemed myself. Which I think did.

This is done with Barielle Lava Rock as the base, which is a dark mauve from the All Lacquered Up Collection:

& then the Konad is done with China Glaze Joy, which is kind of a pinky plum chrome from the Romantique collection, & Konad image plate m69. The pic of just 2 fingers is a comparison shot before & after topcoat:

This Konad image reminds me kind of like a skyline or something from certain angles... I'd originally hesitated using it, I don't think I've seen it on the nail before, but it just seemed to go with this color combination & I like it more than anticipated.

I've also got to take a moment to say, I really do feel kind of guilty that I let comments pile up all week long. I sometimes have opportunity to read them, but not enough time to respond, because I really do like to give answers the attention & consideration they deserve. But I'm going to catch up before I go to bed, and resolve, as usual, to try & do a better job going forward =) Thanks for reading.



  1. I think that it turned out great! I love the new word too!

  2. Your manicure looks fantastic. That design does remind me of a skyline. Also reminds me of a computer game. Love the polish on you.

  3. I love the CG JOY polish, it is one darker color that actually looks good on pale old me. Love the new word, when someone has a failed konad attempt it should be called konadophailia, and that leads to konadophobia! I have this plate as well, I have not used this design though (it reminds me of pearl stitches in knitting). I've never known exactly where to put it, except at the top or bottom. Thanks for showing it at the bottom of the nail, I think that is where it would look best. I'll have to try this. I always prefer how metallic or chrome polishes look prior to top coat. They sort of lose a bit of their chromeyness or foilyness when you add top coat. What do you think? All the best, Michelle

  4. How cute! It's like little knitted sweaters for your nails! ;)

  5. I have to get some Barielle. I think this is a very nice Konad. It's very even and the colors compliment one another very nicely. Thanks for coming up with a word!

  6. Very pretty, the two colors work really well together :)

  7. GILDEDANGEL - Thank you =)

    LUCY - I think this design could have lots of interpretations =)

    MICHELLE - I think top coat definitely changes the finish & the color a little, but not in a bad way - at least in this case it gave the look I was picturing in my head. Plus of course extends wear, which is good in this case since I wore if for 3 days =)

    SOLVEIG - Thanks, it does look kind of like a sweater =)

    VANESSA - Thanks =)

    DANICA - Thank you =)

    CHOCADICT = Thanks =)

  8. looks great!
    also I have tagged you for the kreativ blogger award

  9. ENAMOREDENAMEL - Thanks for thinking of me! =)

  10. Hey! I was curious if you could explain how to double stamp on longer nails? I'm having a problem getting them to look like 1 stamp!!

  11. POLISHCRAZY - I'll be doing some tips on double stamping in part 4 of my FAQ eventually - but there's no real secret to it, just takes practice to line up the stamps =)


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