Monday, November 23, 2009

NOTD: Purplish Marble

When I do one marble, it always makes me want to do another with other colors. So I gave in to the urge. I could see these 3 colors sitting next to each other in one of my unworn shoe boxes (everything gets put away properly in the Helmers after I use it), and it wasn't until I actually pulled them out that I realized it's actually only two colors. Observe:

The Jean-Michelle polish on the left (which I've never heard of this brand before my mom picked this bottle up for me at the thrift store) is called Cassis. The 2 NYCs are both labelled as #239 (no name), but you can see they're obviously different. Either mislabelled or part of very poor quality control between batches.

The marble actually did not turn out great in my opinion, but wonderful thing about marbles is that doesn't matter too much LOL, they're always cool even when not what intended. Unfortunately, I was quite a clutz, and got quite a few dings into this before I managed to get pics, so I do apologize but that's why I didn't take that many pics, just enough to show the pattern. This is over a base of China Glaze Liquid Leather:

I now feel the need to redeem myself with a SUPER COOL marble, so I think I'll see what I can come up with =) Thanks for reading.



  1. wow i really want to try marbling! i think i will try this long weekend when i actually have some time on my hands.

    eeckkk! its so pretty! any tips u can give me and what polish brands do u think are the best for this?

  2. Although you didn't like it to much I would be satisfied with it :P Looks very lovely :D

  3. I think they turned out really well!! Great idea!

  4. Your crazy! This really turned out well. I love the combination of shades. The marbeling is so pretty. Your nails look fantastic.

  5. ANTONEA - I can't pick one brand that works best, every color is really different how it will react in the water - it's just trial & error to find some that work well.

    GILDEDANGEL - Thanks =)

    RIJAH - Thank you =)

    BROOKE - Thanks =)

    LUCY - LOL Thank you =)


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