Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving NOTD: ChG Cruisin' Half-Moon Marble w/ Free Love & Drive In + Tutorial

Man,that seems like a giant title LOL. I almost did not do a tutorial on this, because the colors didn't stand out as much on the nail as they did in the bottle, but I wanted to get another video up & even though the colors are so similar I think the video still shows the technique well enough that you get the idea.

So, I pretty much said it all in the title but I'll say it again here; my base color is China Glaze Cruisin', and the marbling is done with Free Love & Drive In. All 3 of these colors are from the Retro Diva collection. Even though this is not my favorite version of this technique ever - I definitely liked the version that I did in purple much better - I don't think the pics do it justice either. But here they are:

Excuse the lighting in this video, I really could have had either my lamp or my bottles of polish positioned better so that I didn't get so much shadowing every time I reached for something, but everything else went smoothly so I kept it. Here's the tutorial:

On a random side note, since I mentioned Seche in the tutorial, I wanted to make sure I was saying it correctly. So I went to the Seche website, and found this little note on the bottom:

Seche Vite, U.S. PATENT #5,130,125; we say 'Sesh Veet'.
The company is called Seche and we do not use an accent over the last "e," but we still say "se-shay"."

So I guess it's "sesh" if you're talking about the polish, and "se-shay" if you're talking about the brand. Which is kind of weird, but whatever.

Now I'm off to grandma's for Thanksgiving - I hope you all have a safe & happy one, whether it's at your own home or a friend or family member's. Thanks for reading.



  1. Oooo, that is really pretty, I love the orange tones in it!

  2. I love all your water marblings Colette and I think your videos are really instructive, please keep doing them.
    The orange tone suit you perfectly :)
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

    (I'm having a small giveaway on my blog, perhaps you'll be interested in one of the prizes, come have a look ^_^)

  3. GILDEANGEL - Thanks

    CHOCADDICT - Thanks, I've got another up now - I'll have to check out your giveaway =)


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