Saturday, November 28, 2009

Naked Nails (11-27-09)

I don't think there is any possible way that I can wear my preferred length during the winter. Between the cold & dry air making them brittle, and then the unfortunate need to be able to fit my hands inside gloves, I just don't think it's practical. But this shorter length is kind of growing on me:

You can see the split on the side of my left thumb, and also some of the peeling on my right thumb - I've patched both of those. Compared to the amount of patches I've had previously just having 2 to maintain is no sweat LOL. And I seem to be really rough on my thumbs, they've always been hardest to grow.

I've got another tutorial that I'll be posting shortly =) Until then, thanks for reading.



  1. I don't think your nails are very short. They are a nice length. Cold weather is brutal to your nails. On the other hand the heat in your house is drying. You can't win.

  2. Dang your naked nails look great!!

  3. LUCY - I think it's my own hang up with the length LOL.

    BROOKE - Thank you =)

  4. Hello Colette,
    I think you have very beautiful nails. It's a good length already and they have a beautiful shape too.
    I love you blog

  5. Hey Colette, how do you protect your nails from chipping? Is there a hardener you recommend?


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