Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday Polish Deals

So, I read over at Babbling Brooke about Zoya's Green Friday, which is basically 6 FREE green polishes when you spend over $20.00. The code (GREENFRIDAY) will be good 5pm (EST) on Thanksgiving through 5pm on Friday.

Now I'm thinking, there are probably other deals out there, and I'm wondering what they are - so if you know of any, leave a comment or drop an email, and I'll update this post later tonight with more deals & we can all have a happy polish-filled shopping spree on Friday =D I've already picked which Zoya polishes I'll be getting to take advantage of their deal ... I think. Kind of hard to pick only 3, they have such a wide range of colors & I don't have ANY (yet).

EDIT: So I didn't find any more polish-specific deals, but I did find this cool website:, which lets you view Black Friday ads online before you get them in the paper.

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  1. So what three polishes are you thinking? I love Zoya but I normally only buy a few at a time because they have fabulous deals (like this one!) fairly often.

  2. Hi Colette , thanks fo posting this,I don't own any Zoya yet ^_^
    Love all your marbling manis.

  3. BROOKE - Well, they have one named Colette, so I had to go with that LOL. The others are a purple & a red, I think they're called Yasmeen & Isla.

    ARIE - Thanks =)


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