Friday, November 13, 2009

A Couple Quick Comparison Shots

Not full swatches I'm sorry, just bottle shots. Top is under the natural lamp, bottom is with camera flash:

Left to right: Misa Earthward, Barielle Misbehaving Mistress, Essie Huckle Buckle, Urban Decay Graffiti.

So, the story behind the browns is that I saw Misbehaving Mistress over at Polish or Perish and thought it looked very similar to Earthward, which I wore just recently, so I had to come home & pull both out. I haven't worn the Barielle shade yet but I think I will soon because I really enjoyed Earthward (which my mom is wearing right now after seeing it on me LOL) and they are very similar, although I think Misbehaving Mistress look a little darker, I kind of want to say more dark chocolate w/ silver sheen, while Earthward is kind of a slightly pinker brown w/ silver sheen.

The story behind the purples is that I saw Huckle Buckle over at Helen & Sheenie's Nice Things, and it's actually my current mani. At first glance, it immediately reminded me of Graffiti (which I have both an 15+ year old bottle & a new bottle of), but putting them side by side Huckle Buckle is more lavender while Graffiti I think I want to call periwinkle blue.

Anyway, just wanted to put a little something up, full pics of my Huckle Buckle NOTD coming tomorrow. Thanks for reading =)



  1. I LOVE comparison pictures, they make my collection worth expanding, I don't like having the same ones.

  2. Nice to be able to compare them. I wish I had a 15 year old bottle of polish. 98% of my collection is new.

  3. DANICA - I always appreciate them on othe blogs too, even if colors turn out to be different it's nice to see how they compare

    LUCY - LOL, it's scary how much of my collection IS new, I know more than half just since I've started blogging & lemming & then fulfilling those lemmings by hauling LOL


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