Sunday, January 25, 2009

NOTD & Yesterday's Haul

So, I didn't mention before that with the intention of having more consistent pics to post, I purchased a new lamp & a "daylight" bulb to go in it. Still not as good as the real thing but that's in pretty short supply in Minnesota in winter. And of course when the sun does come out, I'm stuck at work. Anyway, that's what the light source will be for manicure pics from here on out unless otherwise noted.

I've seen this polish on several blogs, but it was seeing it on Brooke (over at Getcha Nails Did) just a couple of days ago that decided me on using it today:

Nubar Peacock Feathers. Purples, blues & greens, it was really hard to try & capture this one accurately. It was almost pretty enough to get away without a Konad. But I really like Konad, so I decided to give in.

Konaded with China Glaze Romantique Admire & plate m2.

Here's a shot from a weird angle that ended up showing the green:

On to the haul. I've been buying a lot of nail polish lately, even by my own standards, but I've just had the urge to check out every Dollar Tree in the area. I mean, everything's $1, I'm not going broke on these kinds of shopping sprees. This is from yesterday's trip, all Maybelline:

Just one more Dollar Tree to hit, & then I hope I'll be able to control my habit for a while. Well, impulse buys I mean. I've still got a couple more online orders planned out that I just haven't placed yet. But that's all for stuff that I need. Honest.

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  1. Love the konad you did! Did you leave any polish at dollar tree? lol

    Looks like you got some good stuff, looking forward to seeing it.

  2. BROOKE - Thanks! I have a hard time resisting Konad, I think I've used it every manicure since I picked it up at the State Fair back in August. I did leave a few polishes behind, after much debate lol - but only a couple. Pink just doesn't tempt me like purple or sparkles do.

  3. Hey I love all your vids! Email me


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