Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Stash (Part 3) & A Week Old Mani


I finished organizing my stash on Wednesday, but I was trying to limit myself to 1 post per day because I was afraid I'd run out of interesting stuff to post about. I'm starting to worry less about that now, because I've got like 4 or 5 different half-finished drafts almost ready to go. So I thought I might as well post the grand unveiling.

Anyway, after much boxing & cataloguing, my grand total of polishes (not counting clear base or top coats) is: (insert drumroll here) ...

349 bottles!

On one hand I'm surprised, on the other not so much. I mean, I had a few hundred the last time I counted, and I've added an awful lot of polish just over the last month indulging myself & calling it late Christmas... I'm kind of in the habit of buying myself late Christmas gifts until around, oh May, then they change to early birthday presents until July, after which they are late birthday presents, until around October when they turn into early Christmas presents!

The niftiest part of this whole project is that, after putting everything in Excel, I was able to put almost my whole list on 1 sheet of paper. I took off a couple of brands I don't see my mom or myself running across on a regular basis (like unfortunately discontinued Urban Decay, which wasn't exactly stocked at Walgreens or even Sallys when they were making it), made it 6 columns across sorted by brand & then by color, and I have something totally easy to fold up and stick in mom's purse so she doesn't have to worry about purchasing me dupes - sometimes she comes home with a little list of what she almost bought me, and I'm sure anyone reading this can understand how harsh that is.

So, back to the stash, you'd think with all those boxes filled up my dresser-top would finally be clean & empty, right?

Wrong. Say hello to my unworns:

The top box is my box full o' tricks I guess you could say - Konad, rhinestones, loose glitter, various top coats both clear & sparkly. The bottom box is the recently worn box, not yet sorted in with the rest of their own brand. The rest are the reason I need to start painting my nails more than once a week. I *cough*almost*cough* feel guilty buying polish when I have so much that's brand new. *cough*almost*cough*

OK, that finally posted, on to the mani. I've had a few people express surprise that I can wear polish for a whole week. Before my discovery of an actual working quick-dry top coat, this was mainly a time issue. But another part was that a lot of time I don't really need a new paint job.

This pic, taken this morning of my manicure applied last Sunday, is why I can get away with just painting my nails on the weekend:

Aside from some tip wear, which is much less noticeable at normal real life distances, my left hand is still looking lovely. BUT ...

On the other hand (literally lol) this is why I need to start doing my nails more often:

My right hand is my dominant hand, and it's also the hand I have more trouble with peeling. By Thursday or Friday, sometimes this hand is looking even worse than pictured above.

This mani actually has one more day, since although my friend gets a kick out of checking out my nails, I don't think she'll care if I have a few chips while we sit around & play drunken Scrabble. But I'll do something new & shiny on tomorrow on Sunday.

Well, that's all for now. After I find a bite of lunch I've got a trip to the library ... which happens to be just a couple blocks from a Dollar Tree I haven't raided yet. So hopefully I'll have some new polish to post tomorrow in addition to a fresh mani. Thanks for reading.



  1. BROOKE - I was really starting to feel like I had a "problem" because I couldn't stop at a Target or a drugstore without picking up a couple, but then I discovered all the wonderful polish blogs! Now I feel right at home =)

  2. And I thought I had much! LOL, I have almost 200 now. And I've been collecting for 3 or 4 years :)

  3. i found all three "my stash" posts! yay!! i love your collection!!! its nice to see how your nails have evolved too=) you make me feel normal! hahaha


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