Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sometimes less is more

With Konad sometimes it's easy to get carried away. Especially after last week's manicure gave me a false sense of confidence regarding my double-stamping skills. I love my base color, I haven't worn red in a really long time, and I like the black over top, but I am disgusted & disappointed with the final design. Even if I'd managed to get everything even (which is tricky if not impossible since my nails are varying lengths) it ended up reminding me more of upholstery than anything.

Nubar Unfaithful Red from the Liquid Metals collection, Konaded with black special polish & plate m4. I even did a pretty good job of painting neatly & cleaning up everything with an orange stick.

Usually I do my nails once a week, but I don't know that I can stand this for that long. Right now my intention is to sleep on it, see if somehow I miraculously love them in the morning & if not redo everything after I go to lunch with my parents. Like I said, I love the red & the black so I may stick with the same colors and a more moderate hand with the stamper.

Anyway, the moral of the above story, as the title says: Sometimes less is more. On the other hand - sometimes more is just more & great. And while my day ended on a somewhat sour note with a manicure that did not live up to the image I had in mind, the rest of my day was a lovely polish-buying happyfest.

Here's my cat making room for herself in between my purchases & haul from the library. She's old (17) so she does whatever & goes wherever she pleases.

I stopped several places, a couple Sallys to pick up more of the Romantique collection, where I also ran across a few clearance items that needed to come home with me, and a few cheapos at Target that were lonely. Best bang for the buck was at Dollar Tree, though. Another thing to thank my fellow bloggers for, I had never been in a Dollar Tree but so many people said they had oldie-goodie polishes I put it on my to-do list & this is what I turned up at my first stop (there are 2 other stores I know of to raid at a later date):

Top row is some nail art rhinestones, and some Cover Girl. Nailslicks: Chocolate Mint, Galactic Green, Sunrise, & Midnight Metal. & Mattalic (which I think have to be about 10+ years old because I remember purchasing a couple when they first came out) Pink Zinc & Silver Violet. Bottom Row is Sally Hansen Super Shine Naturistics Aura Pearl, New York Color Cozy Cottage, and Loreal: Brave (Bijou Crystals), B. Strong (Bijou Gems), Shocking (Crystals), Hopeful (Bijou Facets), B. Rebllious (Crystals), B. Adventurous (Crystals), Sweet (Facets), B. Impulsive (Crystals), & another B. Hopeful. Almost none of the 3-packs had the same set of colors, so I counted myself lucky to only end up with 1 duplicate. I have no idea when this line originally came out, how old they are, but you can see a couple of them are pretty separated.

So, with all the shopping I did not get around to doing anything with my existing stash except add to it. I think that's like a step past procrastination, not just putting off the task but making it a larger task at the same time! Oh well, the perils of being a nail polish addict I suppose. It's hard to go anywhere that has polish without looking, and finding at least 1 thing to pick up.

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  1. Great haul. I can't believe you had never been in a dollar tree before! I have been able to find several of the colorama flakies top coats there, and for only a buck - getouttahere!

  2. BROOKE - I'm hoping for another haul today - I'm headed to my grandparent's house after work & there just happens to be a Dollar Tree on the way!

  3. hello...My name is juli and I'm from argentina so is a lttle bit dificult to me to express myself.I wanted to told you that I want to see a feet nail art tutorial...
    bye and have a nice day...

  4. ANON - sorry but I don't plan on doing any pedicure tutorials - I don't do any nail art on my toes & painting is just the same as fingernails =)


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