Friday, January 16, 2009

My Stash (Part 1)

Organizing the stash - it's an ongoing battle.

I think, as little girls, when we get interested in nail polish for the first time & get a bottle or 2, it's pretty normal to keep that nail polish on top of your dresser. Well, I'm sad to say, that's still where my polish resides, even though it's pretty much outgrown the available space. It gets dusty, it's hard to see stuff ... you get the idea.

This is my stash all laid out the last time I tried put order to my dresser-top.

This is the stash crammed up on said dresser-top.

These are my unworns, currently resding on top of my computer desk.

Oh, & my last trip to Sallys (also unworn). From left to right: China Glaze Romantique Harmony, CG Romantique Adore, CG Side-Saddle, CG Wagon Trail, Finger Paints Red Marzipan & FP Bada-Bing, Bada-Blue. You can see the clearnace table was very kind to me - and with Sally card the Romantiques weren't even bad.

And my Nubar haul (just came Tuesday & also unworn). The big set is Liquid Metals, the smaller set is Sweet Nothings.

Inside one of the little boxes was the free gift of a base coat & a top coat, inside the other box were these 6 lovlies, most of which I had to have after seeing them swatched on various blogs. From left to right: Gold Feather, Gold Leaf, Peacock Feathers, Purple Beach, Indigo Illusion (which I'm actually looking forward to the most of all of them, but I'd like my nails a little longer when I wear it - it's so pretty it deserves better than what I currently have to offer), and Reef Green .

Sooooo... I kind of need to get my crap together. Thankfully, I have recently purchased some clear shoeboxes - thanks to seeing pics on other blogs of how well they worked - and so I am ready to start solving my problem.

Unfortunately, I am a little too much of a nerd to just pack them in there & be done with it. I've had it in my head for a while now that it would be really nice to have a list of what polishes I have. Which has since evolved into a spreadsheet so that I could sort it by brand or color or finish or ... ahem. Well, you get the idea. Anyway, I'd like to make time this weekend to get them on the spreadsheet & pack them up. If I get my whole dresser cleared off, I can make that the spot for my unworn polish & also my Konad & other stuff I use more often.

So, I've got a plan, and plans are good ... implementation now, sometimes that's a problem. Well, we'll just see how much progress I manage. As always, thanks for reading.



  1. incredible!!!
    Want to try all of them!!!! ;_; ...

  2. They all definitely make me wish I had time to do swatches & pics of all of them!

  3. Where did you order your Nubars? Was it directly from their site or is there an e-tailer where they're less expensive? I'm preparing for the Cleopatra collex... PURPLES! :)

  4. FAUXFUN - I ordered from their website. The good news is, when I signed up for an account with them, I got an email with a voucher code good for 20% off an order of $20.00 or more. Plus since I ended up ordering over $40 (by quite a bit) I got some free samples too!

  5. I like that you are OCD enough to create a spreadsheet of your polish. I clicked on, started to giggle, and had to close it down, because it was too big for me to process. I dream of having a polish stash like this. Enjoy it!

  6. SOYINI - Thanks =) I don't keep the spreadsheet quite as up to date as I'd like, but I hope to have an updated version uploaded soon =)

  7. Pfff, I thought I had a lot of nailpolishes! But if I show this pictures to my boyfriend he would not allow me to buy anny more!

  8. I love your VIDEOS!!! Could you do one with green white and red? If you can thanks I have cancer soo it would just make me happy!

  9. very interesting information ... i like it ..


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