Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day & don't forget your free stuff!


Today is the 20th, the day they start giving out free cosmetics! If you're interested, don't forget, because it's only while supplies last. Follow the link above for details.

On another (more serious) note, it is also Inauguration Day! Whatever your feelings on the soon-to-be President, you are living history. One day you'll look back & tell your kids or grandkids about this. I'm at the point where I kind of wish I had taken the day off from work so I could watch & now it's too late. But I'll probably sneak in a couple peeks online.

I really shouldn't be posting at all since I'm already at work, but I just couldn't resist a brief note on what's going on today, both the historic & the not so much. Thanks for reading.


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