Tuesday, January 20, 2009

249 & Counting ... (My Stash Part 2)

My work in progress:
Finished product:

So I'm over half done. You can see some boxes ended up holding more than others, depending on bottle size. Sally Hanson fitting 6 wide compared to Revlon only 4. But I keep thinking of other things to add to my spreadsheet as I'm typing stuff in. And trying to track color quickly got complicated ... I mean, how much detail do I really want to go into? Do I need to distinguish between indigo & violet, or can I just call them all purple? So it's developing into kind of a mish-mash ... but still a more organised mish-mash than it was.

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  1. I would like to dig through your stash and see what all you got:) I'm sure I could find something I would fall inlove with

  2. BROOKE - I found so many old favorites I had forgotten about when I was sorting through everything. It made me want to do a top 10 favorites list, so I've added that to my blog to-do list.


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