Friday, January 23, 2009

Pills & Polish

The pills I'm talking about are biotin capsules. I've read a lot of good things about it, and I have pretty bad peeling on about half of my nails, so I thought I'd give it a try. My grandma placed an order for me when she placed her own for other supplements & it was buy 2 get 3 free, so I now have almost a year's supply.

I go see my grandparents every Friday after work for dinner, and on the way I stopped at a Dollar Tree nearby their house that just happened to have a Sally's right next door, and ... well ...

I struck Maybelline Express Finish gold at the Dollar Tree. Left to right: Purple Party, Sunlit Coral, Red Comet, Berry Fast, Turquoise Seas, Key Largo Lime. Bottom row is from Sally's, Savvy Golden Mauve, Raspberry & Sparkling Lavender, Finger Paints Spark My Interest, China Glaze Admire, and 2 Seche Vites. And there's my cat (again hanging out in just about the middle of everything), her name is Frisky (give me a break, I was 10 when I named her).

I'm sure you can understand how all that just kind of happened. I wanted to get my friend & my mom bottles of Seche Vite, which in Sally's January flyer is buy 2 Seche get a China Glaze free ... and then there were all these clearance polishes ... which I love clearance although I hate clearance stickers. I've got an awful lot of bottles with ugly orange stickers because they don't come off easily & I'm too lazy to peel & pick.

The Savvy Polish were actually the nicest surprises. Not much from a distance, but when I picked up the bottles I got a different appreciation. The Golden Mauve has a heavy gold shimmer:

The Raspberry also has a lot of gold shimmer:

And the Sparkling Lilac is actually almost duo-colored, pinkish lavender at some angles, bluer lavender at others, with a fine holographic glitter in there too:

So, a good way to kick off the weekend, all things considered. And then tomorrow I have a date! Well ... I'm getting together with my other single friend & some blackberry brandy & a Scrabble board & we decided since we're doing dinner we could call it a date lol. But it's more eventful than my weekends normally are.

Hope your weekend is going as well as mine! Thanks for reading.



  1. The savvy's are pretty good polishes. I have been impressed with the ones that I have. I like that pink one you got.

  2. BROOKE - Normally pink isn't really my thing, but when I saw all the gold that was in it I had to give it a try - especially since it was on clearance.


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