Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thank Goodness & NOTD

#1 – Thank goodness I never throw out old polishes
#2 – Thank goodness for polish thinner
#3 – Thank goodness for Scrangie showing me how to combine #1 & #2

This is definitely one of my top 10 favorite polishes ever, maybe top 5, and for several years it sat sad & dried up on my dresser. Then I started browsing nail blogs, and stumbled across Scrangie's post for bringing old polishes back to life. I already had some thinner, and my old original Urban Decay polishes were the first thing I grabbed to try this out on. They are probably at least 15 years old, no joke, but they are smooth & lovely after considerable thinning & shaking & stirring & shaking some more. After wearing Peacock Feathers for several days, which was pretty dark, I wanted something bright & happy. May I present my current NOTD – Urban Decay Shattered:

If anyone knows of an available polish that is a dupe for this, LET ME KNOW. Seriously. It's such perfect shimmery turquoise excellence. The pics don't quite capture the depth of color or the bluer flash.

Since there was some visible nail line (which I probably didn't have nails long enough to notice back when I used to wear this) even at 4 coats, I decided to add some Konad, which I hadn't originally planned on. Hides the VNL pretty well, although the tips are still noticably lighter. I thought about messing with it some more but then I remembered my experience of a couple weeks ago & my lesson of less is more so I stopped while I was ahead. Konaded with CG Awaken & plate m62. 'Scuse my edges btw, I was too lazy to clean up.

I wish I'd known enough back then to buy an extra bottle. I wish they'd had it available when I placed an order when they were closing out the polishes. Most of all, I wish they still made it (or any polish at all, stupid Urban Decay, forgetting your roots! Nail polish is where it all started!). Although I have to say the old handle is one of the worst things ever. Their newer bottles have a much better top.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading



  1. I read Scrangies post too on that. I know there are a couple of bottles I have thrown away that I am sure I wished I would have kept. I recently just thinned out an old bottle of China Glaze - Cat's Eye - works like a charm now.

    Sorry I have no ideas on any dupes. I am terrible about coming up with dupes :)

  2. Love the color. I'll have to go back and read Scrangie's blog. Since I have so much polish, I'm sure some of them will thicken.

  3. BROOKE - I came so close to throwing them away several times, & I don't know if I should call myself sentimental or a pack rat or something else entirely but every time they ended back up on my dresser. I feel like it was mostly luck more than anything else that I kept them.

    LUCY - The wonderful thing about polish is it's good forever as long as you have a bottle of thinner on hand!

  4. had to post even though this post is a while back, thanks to Scrangie's post about Seche Restore I was able to save a couple of my UD polishes, Shattered was one of my favorites as well.

  5. CLOCKWORK - I'm so sad that Urban Decay doesn't make polish any more, I wish I'd bought them all when I had the chance.


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