Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gift & a Small Haul

This is the first polish I got since I made that huge Nubar haul =)  So it made me very happy.  First, my friend Sam at work gave me a gift of 4 Sephora polishes:
Weird thing is, they all have 2 names - but both appear to be in English!?  Left to right:  Argent/Double Platinum, Fushia/Pink Flamingo, Pure Prune/Pure Plum, and ... wait for it ... Brownie/Brownie.  WTH?  If one of you knows what the deal is, please - drop the knowledge on me!  =D  Also the bottles - is this just the new bottle?  Or is this what Sephora polish looks like when it's not by OPI?  I never go there so I'm clueless LOL.
I hadn't intended to stop at Ulta, even though I had 2 coupons (& a gift card I forgot to use AGAIN), but there was one like, mere steps away from the Kohls that I was at.  So I wandered in, and:
OPI Go Goth set left to right:  Unripened, Nevermore, Sanguine, Obscurity (& a dumb little lace cuff LOL).  & the Maybelline was from a display that I think had something to do with Fashion Week, it is called Gray-T-Glamour.
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  1. Nice haul!!!
    That maybeline polish looks interesting...

  2. LOL on the Sephora naming! I do like those 2 on the right :)

  3. Those Sephoras have the best formula I've ever tried! You have to look forward to trying them! :D I think the names are supposed to be French/English, I have one called Fruits Rouges/Stormy Pink, but the brown one is still Brownie/Brownie!

  4. The names do sound like what Canada normally have - Frech/ English, but it's kinda funny that Sephora does that. Probably brownie is the same in both languages, lol

  5. I've never tried Sephora's store brand. I'd be interested in how they apply and hold up. The Maybelline looks like an interesting shade. Can't wait to see that one on your nails.

  6. I'm pretty sure that's french/english. Argent is silver in french, and Prune is Plum...
    Is your friend Canadian?

  7. The French name of pink is also Fuschia, and Silver is Argent, etc..
    Funny that I live in France, and we don't even have these colors !


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