Sunday, September 5, 2010

NOTD: Green & Grey Water Marble + Tutorial

Well, I'm a little (lot) bit later posting this than I thought, because we stayed at the Fair way later than I thought we would!  Me & Mom walked I think more this time than the first round =)
These 2 cremes are both from last fall's Once Upon a Time collection - Orly Enchanted Forest & Orly Mirror Mirror.  I  haven't done a ton of marbles with Orly colors, but I think I can say that their creme polishes, at least all the ones I've used, are some of the nicest colors to marble with because they just flow really well in the water, there's no overly fast drying or drag, and what color bleeding there is adds to the look without making the colors look muddy.
I'm very satisfied with how this pattern turned out on my nails, although the right ring & pinky came out a little crooked.  You'll also notice what looks like a crack on my right ring in some of the pics - that's my patch that failed & I did a temporary glue job on.  I wouldn't have bothered if I didn't still have pics to do LOL, and I will be trimming it down when I take this off:
Sooo many favorite nails with this marble!  I love both  my thumbs, both middle fingers - really all of them, even the crooked couple that don't match 100% with the rest LOL.  Here's the tutorial:
I hope to have time to do another marble or a tutorial on something else over this holiday weekend, but I'm not so sure anymore now that I spent the whole day away at the Fair today.  So we'll see =)  Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice...there's my favorite marble queen back in action. Very very cool!

  2. wow... fabulous.. thanks for the tutorial sweetheart!!

  3. This is absolutely stunning. I'll have to watch the video later on. I adore greens and this manicure.

  4. I love this marble! I need to try this myself sometime. I'm afraid it's going to be a great mess, lol

  5. Hi ^-^
    I found ur blog from ur tutorials on youtube and I want to compliment to you! :)
    I love ur nail art, above all the Marble technique is simply amazing!!!
    Bye, have a nice day! ^-^

  6. Awesome, again :-) I love your nails and your water marbles!

  7. Wow! I didn't like Enchanted Forest when I saw it on the internet, but like, you really show how you can work with colors, great!

  8. I love all of your water marble nail's very perfect..good job

  9. OMG! Fantastic:) I wanna try a orange and black version of this for Halloween.

  10. So awesome. Always makes me want to do one!

  11. Wow, awesome water marble! I love the colors together.

    I tagged you with a couple of awards:

    I really love your blog!


  12. OMG!! i really really love this one *-*

  13. EVERYONE - Thank you all!

    MELACINE - Thank you, I'll check them out =)

  14. Beginner blogger AND beginner marbler here: Your tutorials are the best on YouTube. Thank You! Now. Could you link me to any tips you have for various problems? I saw your video on cleaning the water surface. That helped!
    In case others are as clueless but as eager as I am, I'll number them!
    1. My 1st drop spreads really fast but later drops do not spread out. I am trying to work quickly. Any other advice? :>
    2. When trying to pull the stick/toothpick through the bulls eye, the whole surface moves so I don't come close to your gorgeous designs!
    3. Polish too thick to drip: is there any hope? Do they make thinners? Does acetone work as a thinner? (I TOLD you I was a beginner :> )
    4. If there are any bloopers you have experienced, would you share how you solved them?
    5. Do you make emergency house calls? jk
    Thanks for reading this far! I hope this will help others who would love to come even close to your marble nails.

  15. You know Colette!! I am so impressed, this is amazing..... I saw it on facebook couple of days ago and try´d it and it came out beautiful ;)
    And by the way, I am a beautytherapist from Iceland....
    I will be watching


  17. OOO! I'm so upset. My nail polishes don't spread like that too:( Does only "Orly" spread like that? Is it pure water or you add something? Please help us, Colette!


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