Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When Tuesdays Are Worse Than Mondays

I don't even want to go into too much detail about how much today at work sucked, because I don't want to piss myself off again ... but then I came home & things continued to suck!  I didn't get anything done after work - I had 2 quick little tutorials I've been meaning to shoot for my Tips & Tricks Playlist & thought I could fit them in today - but came home to a dog with diarrhea.  Yeah.  Use your imagination to fill in that nastiness.  Then had to go to the grocery store, & that went relatively smoothly, so I thought maybe I could get 1 of them done - got to the computer & my internet was out AGAIN.  I finally got it running, but I don't even have time to do my nails, and much as I love this marble tomorrow will be DAY 6.  It feels unnatural. My only consolation is that is hasn't chipped yet.
I don't know if the thing with my internet is my computer or my modem - and customer service has been spectacularly unhelpful with this in the past, but if it keeps happening so frequently I'm going to have to suffer through a call.  I mean, this wasn't even a week in between outages. 
So I'm not totally bored with this nearly week-old mani, I've added some Matte Magic, since that took like less than 5 mins - here's a look:
The little nasty white bits that happen with MM if you get any dried bits on it from the rim are a pet peeve but I know they'll fade after a few hours & probably be unnoticeable tomorrow.
I'm still soo behind ... I'm like a week behind reading blogs, and although I haven't changed my nails lately I've got some other things to post that are just waiting on the sidelines for a mellow moment.  Lord knows when that will be LOL.
Thanks for reading.


  1. If it's any consolation, your nails look lovely, hope you have a better day tomorrow!



  2. This does not look a week old at all and the pattern is beatiful by the way. You're so good at this technique!

  3. Still gorgeous! One of your best!

  4. *puts a beautiful sunflower in front of you*
    I've experiences such days, too, you just have to struggle through and hope for a better day tomorrow.
    but maybe you can treat yourself a bit with a small piece of chocolate or your favorite music or something.
    your marble pattern looks very pretty, by the way. very nicely done.
    *adds a few daisies to the sunflower*
    hope you had a better day today!

  5. These are gorgeous, perfect for this time of year :).
    Hope your having a good day today!

  6. So sorry to hear tuesday was worse than a typical monday for you. Your nails still looked great, crappy day and all. Ill be sending happy vibes your way in hopes today is a better day for ya.

  7. :::bows down to the queen of water marble:::

    This is AMAZING!!!

  8. Bleh. Sorry you had a bad day. But I LOVE that mani! Perfect swirls!

  9. Aww, sorry to hear about your frustrations. It can only go up from here, right :)

  10. Sorry you had such a rotten day. This was a really bad one. Hope the dog is feeling better. Love the matte look. I can't believe you get such great wear from your manicure. I don't think I've ever had good wear more than 4 days.

  11. Aw sorry for the rotten day, hope your pooches tummy is better now x

  12. Yep this Tuesday was a mean one wasn't it. Tuesdays ARE my Mondays so they're rarely a nice day for me and this one my Mom's dog had to be put down so I'm totally feeling you. I hope your puppy is feeling better and I can only hope the rest of the week gets better too! I do love this mani, still looks great with MM on it :)

    Also, in regards to your internet, I had similar problems in the last house I was in. It turned out that the problem was with the internet cables running into my house, apparently they were getting old and loose or something so the signals were quite intermittent. Just thought I'd mention it as it could be a possibility. Hope you get it sorted out soon, I'd go crazy if I had to deal with that again, I'm so internet-dependant lol!

  13. sorry you had a bad day but your nails are so beautiful

    Love always,
    the queen of her throne

  14. The Matte Magic gave it a whole new look. Think back to your memories of the fair! LOL! I have:) Tomorrow is Friday so hope you weekend goes better.

  15. EVERYONE - Thanks everyone for your support! & I was shocked how well this mani wore =)

    MEEKA - When we finally did get a service call, the guy had to run a new line from the house to the pole! He said the existing one was totally rusted out & it was only pure luck we weren't having worse problems.


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