Saturday, September 25, 2010

Updated Polish OCD Spreadsheet

Really, sometimes I think my spreadsheet is overly ambitious.  When I set it up I tried to think of everything I might possibly ever want to track ... and as a result there are a lot of things that never get updated.  I am happy if I can keep up with adding new hauls on when I buy polish - I almost never go back & update stuff like the column that tracks whether there are pics on the blog ... or how much I love the color or other notes.  I do try to keep the "opacity" column updated - if there is a "K" marked that means that the polish works for Konad stamping.
So, I hadn't updated the version shared on GoogleDocs for like, months.  I don't know what made me tackle it today, but I did.  I realized that I hadn't added my state fair purchases or even my bundle monster stuff to the image plates tab, so I put them on there quickly ... I thought at one point I'd find & embed some actual pics of each plate on that tab but I couldn't get it to work properly the first time I tried it & I never went back to try again... maybe eventually ... big maybe LOL.
Anyway, if you'd like to check it out, you can view my updated stash list HERE.
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  1. have a crapload of polish. I can't imagine trying to keep stats on that much nail polish.

    But I think it's great to have an opacity column. I don't have one in my spreadsheet, but I may start one, because it's a little annoying to be sitting there, wracking my brains for a good purple to use for konad. LOL.
    Having it in a spreadsheet would be awesome.

    And just an idea, but have you thought of finding someone to do some data entry for you? Maybe like a younger relative or someone like that, who could come in for a weekend and for a little fee, update most of the information?

  2. Holy crap, what an amazing collection! This is so organized and helpful! Thanks for sharing :)

    Btw, I left a comment on your Nubar Jewel post seeing if you could do a tutorial on how you do your Konad/Bundle Monster applications since I recently purchased some, but then I realized it's a lot easier than I thought it would be so pretend I didn't request it, lol - although, I'd still watch if you made one, haha :)

  3. It's an awesome collection (saying I wish I had half would already be too much) but I was just wondering how long did it take you to put everything down? Because you didn't just name them..

  4. I admire you:) I have a spreadsheet too, but I haven't updated it in ages. And I love the idea of additional information in it... I sense a new project coming up :D

  5. That's something I need to do. I have no idea how to though. I'm an idiot with the computer. Just know how to get on and search, get my mail and play some games! That's really an ambitious project.


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