Sunday, September 12, 2010

NOTD: Nubar Treasure

What did I put on once I finally took off the green & grey marble?  Well, I was short on time, so nothing fancy, but I HAD to change my mani - my safety net is purple.  Purple holo?  Even better!

Nubar Treasure is not a SUPER holo-y holo.  But it is a very pretty polish, from the Prisms collection:

On another note, this should have gone up last night but internet problems persist.  It went out for the 3rd time in a week while I was just about to get started answering comments & catching up on blogs & I was too tired to deal with it.  Still was not up in the morning, called customer service & they wanted me to exchange my modem - drove the the customer service center, got new modem.  Came home to authorize it ... more problems.  It did eventually come online, but the guy said it probably was never the modem in the first place, that I was having what he called "intermittentcy issues" & he set up a service call for a technician to come out & test the signal strength on Monday.  Such a freaking hassle.  But worth it I guess if they can figure out what  the actual problem is.

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  1. This is such amzing purple I've ever seen! Beautiful nail color!

  2. This is one of my fav holos besides the CG OMG collection:-) Try Jewel as well. Its really gorgeous too:-)

  3. Yeah, love this colour a lot and made me buy more Nubar Prisms! Nice pics.
    (take a look at my stash if you like, I made new pictures because of my new polish rack :-)

  4. That purple is gorgeous! I haven't bought a Nubar in a while, but this is stunning!

  5. Bleh, sorry about your internet issues. I love that purple! I don't own any Nubars but everytime I see one I want it...this one especially haha. I like that it's not TOO holo.

  6. Yeah, really great looking nails! It seems like no matter what color you wear, they look fantabulous.
    I love your pics.
    btw: we've had cable internet for 6(?) years, and recently experience the same connectivity issues. Did the modem-swap, still problems. Found out that the real problem was the cable from the distribution connection on the power pole was 'corroded' and didn't have a solid connection.

  7. very nice the colour.i like this:)

  8. Computers drive you insane when there's a problem. Unless you know them inside or out you just have to have someone help you. I used to have a good friend who was an IT but sadly he passed away a year ago. I miss him for many things. I just got this collection a few months ago. They're all gorgeous. Love this purple. Your nails are just simply stunning.

  9. J'adore cette couleur, elle est magifique.

  10. EVERYONE - Thanks! =)

    NAIL GALORE - I have Jewel on right now, it's awesome!

    MICHELLE - I love that rack! So pretty to be able to see all your polish at once - too bad I would need so many! LOL I don't think I have that much wallspace =)

    ANON - that was it exactly! When we finally got a service call, the guy replaced the line & said it was rusted completely out at the pole & we were lucky we hadn't had worse problems.


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