Sunday, September 19, 2010

Polish Removal

Kind of self-explanatory ... this is how I take off my polish:

I'm trying to build up my Tips & Tricks playlist a little, I also did one on nail maintenance, but I haven't edited it yet =)  Thanks for reading.



  1. Wow..this method makes everything so much easier than getting arthritis from trying to wipe those hard nail polishes off lol..definitely a good tip! =)

  2. Wow really good technique thanks :) lol your fingers with the cotton on them really reminded me of The Grinch fingers :P

  3. Your nails area absoultely beautiful!

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  4. Personally I use this method but I take a remover without acetone (better for nails because acetone dry them) & on my cotton, I put a piece of foil paper (for kitchen), That avoid the remover evaporate. Anyway I love this method :)

  5. I use this method a lot, especially for polishes that might stain my fingers when I remove it. Swiping it off in one go instead of rubbing it all over the place really helps avoid fingertip staining.

    I haven't bought a roll of cotton yet, but I sometimes unroll cottonballs to make small patches or cut a round cotton pad into 4-5 sections.

  6. I tried your method today and am totally impressed. I can't remember the last time I only needed two cotton balls to remove the polish on both hands (since I didn't have cotton strips I unwound a couple of cotton balls to use the same way.) All the more impressive was that is was heavy shimmer polish, not as difficult as a glitter but not the easiest either. Thanks so much for the new method!

  7. wow, this changed my life :D
    thanks for sharing this.
    From Elin


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