Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NOTD: Zoya Tallulah

What a great blue. I think I failed in catching the flash of purple that Zoya Tallulah shows at some angles, most the time it is "just" blue, but knowing that hint of a duo-chrome is there makes me happy.  Kind of like wearing a vampy so dark anyone else thinks it's black, but I know better - I'm sure you guys know what I mean =)  Like having a little polish secret.  I've been having kind of a stressful week, in spite of trying to combat it with yoga, so I stamped a peace sign in China Glaze OMG with Bundle Monster plate bm07:

I wish I could tell you that it actually brought me peace.  But I'm still a bit on the down side.  Irritated, frustrated ... depressed?  Not quite...  Maybe it's my creativity bringing me down.  Did you know that writers have a higher then normal incidence of depression?  Too sensitive for our own good LOL.

(If you're interested to read a little more, click HERE to see Live to Write Another Day:  Writers, Depression, & Suicide, the article that clued me in to this a couple of months ago, written by Holly Lisle.  A link was included in one of her newsletters ... which always get me thinking, and which I've started rambling about over on Throughout Me.)

Anyway ... back on the polish track, I am overwhelmed with ideas, not to mention requests, but rather short on time.  I wanted to do a water marble tonight but I don't think I have time.  Apparently yesterday was Watermelon Day, and I've been wanting to do a design on that forever, not to mention had a request for it for months now, and I think I even have the polish picked out if they cooperate.  But getting organized for a video, not to mention the actual marbling process ... honestly, even to me it's sometimes daunting.  At the same time, even when it's late I have trouble wearing a completely unadorned mani, unless it's some kind of uber-fabulous color.

Now, if only all my problems were as relatively simple as choosing how much nail art I'm up to do LOL.  Thanks for reading.



  1. I really like Tallulah, and I hope you life gets less stressful very soon. :)

  2. Really pretty blue. Haven't swatched it yet. I have the blues myself. Don't feel like swatching lately. Seems like alot of bloggers been feeling this way. Hope you feel better soon :)

  3. Beautiful beautiful beautiful blue! I love the peace sign!

    And hang in there, just take a break whenever you need a little time for you.

  4. this is gorgeous. hope you have a peaceful day tomorrow :)

  5. Lovely blue Colette, take some time out for yourself, this cyber world will still be here in a couple of days.

  6. Wow Colette your nails look awesome! such a fabulous soft pretty shade of blue with a mesmerising shine to dazzle the eye and the peace sign is retro very cool....I'm feeling the color with this zoya tallulah shade. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the ride don't fight it.

  7. You've created a lemming ^^

    hope you're getting better :)

  8. {{Hugs}} Thanks for the blue. I know that 'polish secret' feeling; four words: Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow.

    Take some time to enjoy the coffee, smell the flowers a know that we are here... and we are patient. Don't spread yourself too thin, Colette.

    Peace :o)

    Mary Frances

  9. i sort of feel your pain. you are only 3948220 times more popular than most nail bloggers so the pressure you are under must be immense. BUT just remember why you got into blogging and nails - its all about YOU baby!!

  10. awesome colour! it's calm...
    I hope you feel better!

  11. EVERYONE - Thank you for all the well-wishes =) Reading all you guys' comments is one of the reasons blogging is so fun & it really is usually relaxing for me, once I find time to fit it in!

  12. Thanks for all your well-wishes =) Reading through whatever you guys' remarks is among the factors running a blog is really enjoyable & it truly is generally calming personally, as soon as We discover time for you to match this within!

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