Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nubar Haul

So, I fell off the blogosphere for like a week. I wasn’t quite sick, but not feeling well, then I ran into rather extreme … feminine pains shall I delicately say? I spent several days sitting semi-miserable & doing nothing much more than reading. Which under other, more comfortable circumstances would have been just fine, but I missed blogging while at the same time just didn’t feel up to tackling a whole post. It takes energy to be this brilliant after all XD

Anyway, now I’m back on track – back in business – back in the game … uh, yeah. Back. Back with pics of my now almost 2 week old Nubar haul =) I’ve already used a few of these & will have posts for them up soon-ish. I’ve still been doing my nails, but not quite as often & mostly just plain color, no messing around with nail art or anything.

This arrived on my doorstep on the 13th ... I know, it's like years later, right?  LOL I'm just getting around to taking pics!  I have to preface all this by saying it's been almost 2 years since I placed a Nubar order AND they were having a 20% off sale.  So I ... indulged.  I still didn't fill all of my lemmings, but I made a pretty big dent.  I bought 4 entire collections:

Top:  Going Green (Conserve, Earth, Forest, Greener, Reclaim, Wildlife) & Chocolate Truffles (Swiss Chocolate, Cherry Coridal, Chocolate Covered Caramel, Raspberry Truffle [well, it would be there except I took it out to wear], Milk Chocolate Creme, Chocolate Coffee Bean, Foundation & Diamont [base & top also taken out to wear]).  Bottom:  Sparkles (Star Sparkles, Fire Sparkles, Night Sparkles, Sky Sparkles, Meadow Sparkles, Violet Sparkles, Petunia Sparkles, Hyacinth Sparkles) & Prisms (Spark, Jewel, Gem, Essence, Treasure, Brilliant, Absolute, Prize).

Then I got 3 additional polishes:

Left to right:  Burgundy Velvet, Moon Shadow, Purple Rain Glitter.

I've already worn Raspberry Truffle & Gem, I've got Petunia Sparkles on my toes & I'm about to put Violet Sparkles on my tips =)  I also just took off Zoya Ki - so I've got lots to post this weekend.  Not to mention I want to do something fabulous to wear to the fair on Monday, since I'll be dealing with a lot of cash & thus having attention on my hands.  So I've got a couple of ideas but haven't firmly decided yet.  Which speaking of the fair, if you haven't stopped to leave your Konad plate recommendations for me in my previous post, please do!  I'm not sure yet how many I'll be coming home with LOL.

Thanks for reading.



  1. this is an amazing haul! i would love to try nubar holos, can't wait to see your swatches!

  2. This is amazing! Swatches please!

  3. Awesome colors... i want to emigrate to the states lol

  4. HUGE haul! I'm happy for you :)

  5. Woah *drool, what an awesome haul! I got some of those polishes, and they're gorgeous :)

  6. **** DROOLS ****

    Glad to see you are feeling good and back in the swing of things!

  7. Lovely haul there! Nubars are so wonderful. I have the Chocolate Truffles and they are great. I think Petunia Sparkles is probably my favourite polish from 2010 so far. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

  8. wow... sweet haul! U've never owned any nubar.. but these seem amazing.. Im personally moost attracted to the prism and sparkles collections lol

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the truffles collection... I've been buying a few here and there when I can afford it. I'll bet they look stunning on you :)

  10. Wow! This is a serious haul! Love the pics! :)


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