Monday, August 2, 2010


Nothing too special, just using my coupon & picking up a few staples ... Finger Paints are buy 2 get 1 free:

Left to right: Winter's Whisper, Autumn Moonlight, Autumn Allure. The name of this collection escapes me at the moment, but the display was full when I went on Saturday.

Savvy Femme Couture on clearance:

Left to right: Purple Potion, Magic Pumpkin, Andrea's Mint.

And a couple of Orlys, one I had every intention of buying, and one I just couldn't resist after seeing it:

Royal Navy & Velvet Rope.

And, I've been extremely efficient & put together April's slideshow, so if you'd actually like to see some polish on nails, take a look:

Thanks for reading =)



  1. I believe it's the "Seduced by Fall" collection. Good choices!

  2. sweet little haulage there .... i gotta get to my sally to use my coupons and get the fingerpaitns fall

  3. Buy two get one is how they get me every time! I like April's slideshow, too!

  4. ZARA - Thank you! I though it was something seasonal & easy to remember but I'd forgotten by the time I got to my car LOL!

    AAMINAHS MOM - the collection has 3 other colors too, but I was trying to exercise restrains.

    AURORA - Thanks!

    SARAH B - I agree =)


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