Sunday, August 1, 2010

July's NOTD Slideshow

I'm so proud of myself for putting this together right away & not procrastinating LOL. 

I've got a small haul from Sally's to edit pics for, but I'm not sure if that will  be up tonight yet or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Beautiful and inspirational!!!

  2. I LOVE:

    Nicely done! Can't wait to see the Sally's haul, too!

  3. Beautiful indeed....your talant and genius shine thru again! The dolphines look cool but...what would PETA think ? LOL

  4. PAILLETTE, AURORA, DAVE - Thank you =)

  5. Oh, I am so glad I found your blog site. I can't tell you how beautiful your artistry is with this medium. I have OCD and one of my rituals happen to be painting my nails and keeping them exactly the same length. I am inspired by your talent and now try to emulate some of the designs. The difference being I get caught up in peeling the polish off once it has dried. This may sound like a burden to most, and I will agree that it is, but since finding your blog and videos the amount of polish i am using has decreased because i am using your art to decorate my nails. I can't wait till the next video.

  6. SHAWNHUNLEY - Thanks, I'm so glad you enjoy my work & it can help you even if only a little bit =) I want to do slideshows going forward & pretty much back to the begining of my blog, and of course new tutorials so stay tuned =)

  7. Colette, I found your blog through a link on the OPI facebook fan page and I am so glad I did! Your work is absolutely amazing, and your water marbling just blows me away (BTW - I have tried it - with zero luck LOL :)

    Since finding your blog a couple weeks ago, I have gone through all of your postings and I have learned so much.

    Thank you thank you thank you!!

  8. ANON - Thanks & you're welcome, I'm so glad you enjoy =)


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