Saturday, May 1, 2010

Where to Find Hidden Treasure in Minneapolis, MN

Just a quick post.  I have at least 3 other things I'd like to post today, but my room is a disaster area so I need to take care of that first.  But I wanted to get this up while it may do some good for some people.  I really don't know how many readers I have who are actually in my area?  But I know I have at least a few so this post is for you.

Last night I continued my search for Sea & Be Seen.  I was successful, and in the process I saw a few bottles of Hidden Treasure that I refrained from buying as backups for myself =)  As of last night shortly before 10 pm, this was the display at the Walgreens in St. Louis Park on Cedar Lake Road & Louisiana:

Almost completely full, including 2 bottles of HT =)  Go!  Now!

I actually stopped at that location purely out of curiosity.  I ended up picking up S&BS at the Walgreens in Hopkins at Hwy 7 & 17th, across the street from Perkins.  That display was also mostly full, including 1 bottle of HT.

Prior to yesterday's hunt & Thursday when I actually found my own bottle, I had stopped at just about every Walgreens & CVS that I went by, and been unable to even find a display.  Except over Northeast (difficult to get to I'm sure everyone local knows with all the construction going on) where I know there are at least 3 stores that I have had good luck finding LE collections in the past.  But persistence definitely does pay off, so if you want this color, don't give up!

On my list of things that need to be posted:
  • Hauls ... at least like 5 or maybe more small ones that taken together are quite a bit of polish
  • Another Icing Funky French
  • My awesome NOTD Hidden Treasure layered over Thinking of Blue
  • Books .... very very behind, I don't think I posted any during March
  • Resolutions accountability since it's May now ... not sure if I'm actually going to do this, I may skip a month because I really did not make much progress in April.
But, as I said, I need to make my space livable again before I do that.  Also going to attempt to catch up on some comments - because I suck pretty bad at that at the moment LOL.

Thanks for reading.



  1. The walgreens at my house said they could order them. They do their ordering on Wednesdays but if the one near you doesn't have it, just ask them to order it!

  2. Hey fellow Minneapolis person! The walgreens at 46th and Hiawatha has the whole display too...or did when i bought them the other day.

  3. Oooohhh...I have looked all over Northern Orlando for HT. Looks like a lot of WG and CVS are just getting them in. I'll probably buy more than one bottle now. ;)

  4. I had luck in the St Cloud Walgreens. Also, I got the saleslady at one of the Walgreens to call SH directly to see if she could order more. She seemed like a bulldog and was going to make sure more came in. LOL Congrats on your find.

  5. I got my bottle Friday night at the Roseville Walgreens, at Snelling & Cty C, in the Byerly's strip mall - another full display! Thanks for looking out for us locals! ☺

  6. Oooow woow this is awesome! I wish I could get some of these! But they aren't available in my country... The colours are very pretty. :D

  7. EVERYONE - Congrats to everyone who got it, and anyone what was looking I hope you all got your bottle =)


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