Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TOTD: Claire's Rockstar & Pedi Envy

I totally failed to take any decent pics of my last pedi, which consisted of NYC Taxi Yellow Creme topped with Sinful Call You Later (a green & yellow glitter).  Part of the reason was it was all cloudy & crappy & I wanted sunlight pics & when I got no sun I totally spaced on just getting something.  Oh well.  The moral of the story is don't procrastinate, so this time I didn't.  Here is Claire's Rockstar:

With the flash of silver on the brown, it reminded me a lot of Misa Earthward, so I did a quick comparison - not as similar on the nail, the Claire's has much more silver shimmer where the Misa I'd say had more of a silver sheen, even though the base brown is very similar:

Sorry for using my pinky ... didn't want to do any extra remover on my middle as that's the one that's patched right now LOL.

Now, on to the pedi envy ... I consider that I do a better than average job on my pedicure.  I wouldn't subject you guys if I were honestly horrified =)   They're neat (mostly), and if they get chipped, they get redone.  But for an honestly flawless pedicure, Jake is the man.  Some of you may be familar with him as Toepaintguy on Flickr - & he has recently started his own blog, Pedicure Passion.  If you're interested (& open minded & polite, not an asshat, seriously) go check him out, he's already posted some good discussion & a couple of interesting interviews.

Thanks for reading =)


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