Friday, May 21, 2010

NOTD: Claire's Calm/Wild Water Marble + Tutorial

Sooo... I know I said I would post this Wednesday.  But I forgot I had an appointment, and then Thursday I ended up baking cookies to take to work - a lime version of the glazed lemon ones I made for Mother's Day - and so although it's late I'm forcing myself to get these  pics up before any more time has passed!

I started out with 2 coats of Claire's Calm/Wild Mood Polish.  I like this much better than Innocent/Daring - the colors are just plain better, plus it's got some shimmer to it where the other was super-flat.  Like last time, my hands were cold enough at work that I only had one color most of the day, but here are a few pics of the funky french effect:

Then I marbled with Calm/Wild & Sally Hanson Midnight in NY.  I tried to get the pattern so that some of my "flowers" were purple & some were pink.  My favorite nails were my left ring & index, and my right pinky:

Here is the tutorial:

Still lots to catch up on:
  • Milani Hi-Tech, plain & with Konad
  • China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, plain & with Hidden Treasure
  • Some miscellaneous nature stuff that I've been snapping pics of & may or may not make it up here LOL
  • Comments ... I started digging into my backlog last weekend ... and am still super-behind.  But I'm going to put in some more time this weekend.  If you've left a specific question, I promise an answer is forthcoming =)
Thanks for being patient with me ... and for reading =)



  1. Cool! I'm gonna have to watch your tutorial on this. I am an eager marbling student! Thanks for taking the time to show us your mastery :).

  2. That is too cute!

    You really inspired me to try marbling. Your designs are so unique and creative!

  3. Wow that looks so amazing! It would be awesome if there was a konad design like what you have done here!

  4. OMG! Claire's Calm/Wild is my absolutely favorite and you made it even more awesome with that water marble. I love seeing your pictures and ideas! :)

  5. I wish they sold dis brand (or any kinda mood polish for dat matter) wer I'm from... can't seem to find it... *sobs*

  6. this is too cute..u r great colette!!

  7. I love your tutorials! but I have a question... how do you do your first polish? pink and then purple? with a sponge? or how?
    Thanks! I'm Mónica and I'm from México! =D

  8. Disculpa soi de mexico donde podria conseguir esos esmaltes :O aca no he visto m diras? tu los vendes?

  9. hey colette... I finally got some from ebay... a total of 7 colors (shipping's cheaper dat way)... I want to check with you, wen u use this do you use a basecoat? i tried but i somehow jz ended up wit the cool color so i'm wondering if u use a basecoat for urs... thanks in advance :)

  10. does this work on real nails, or just acrylic? also, do you prep your nails with clear coat? I usually use OPI - does that work? I saw someone post that some nail polishes don't work as well.

  11. Have you tried doing this on your Toes???

  12. MONICA - it is not sponged, it is mood polish so it happens all by itself =)

    ANON#1 - Eu teño o polaco humor na tenda de Claire, non estou seguro se teñen algunha locais alí?

    ASHTA - yes, I always use a base coat =)

    ANON#2 - my nails are natural =)

    ANON#3 - do you mean marbling or mood polish? No to both - I think marbling would be too messy, and they are not long enough for mood polish =)

  13. Hi do people pay you to do their nails? Because If so then I want you to do my nails for prom.

  14. TAAE - no, it's just a hobby =)


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