Sunday, May 9, 2010

NOTD: OPI My Private Jet (My 3rd)

This is my 3rd & newest version of OPI My Private Jet, my NOTD from Wednesday.  My other 2 versions can be seen HERE (the first I bought) & HERE (the original version I found as a dusty).  This version is kind of a grey/vampy bronze with sparse holo glitter:

I'd meant to do a comparison between the 3 different versions, but I've just been so short on time lately that I didn't manage to get it done.  I did get the rest of my pics edited, but I'm too tired to make posts for all of them.  So I'll try to get them up in the morning (well,later after I sleep LOL, probably more like early afternoon), before we go see grandma for mother's day.  Thanks for reading.



  1. I bought this the other day, and Im pretty sure its the version I have. I checked out your post with the original holo one, and that is amaaazing compared to this version. lol...why must OPI release this color in 2 different versions :(

  2. The version I had was the original one and I can say that one was the most beautiful IMO.
    Other ones are not holographic, just full of glitter :/
    Do you maybe know where can I order the original version again?

  3. Now you have 2 versions that I want! Gosh, mine is so lame! It has speckles of glitter (holo) in it but they don't shine!

  4. EVERYONE - Thanks!

    KRISSY - Unfortunately even more than 2 - I think at least 4 & maybe more.

    BLANKA - I found mine in a nail salon at the mall, it was purely an impulse to stop in there & I got lucky. I don't know anywhere you can find it reliably except maybe eBay & I'd be pretty wary even on there.

  5. This is the version I have! I would LOVE to see a comparison of them ALL. I do find this one to be super awesome! :))


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