Sunday, May 23, 2010

All The Cool Kids Are Doing It ...

Peer pressure ... that's my excuse.  Well, that & the fact that it's an absurdly great deal!  I'm talking about  Bundle Monster of course =)  In addition to the 21 plates that are making the rounds of the blogosphere, I also gave in to some rhinestone & other little nail art bits in wheels.  There was some duplication - I ended up with a ton of little red & pink beads for example - but seriously at the same $17 & change price as the plates for 10 wheels & what they say is over 14,000 pieces, I am in no way complaining:

So, I'm pretty well set for glittery bits for a while LOL.  I think I'm going to get some large-size labels & see how it works for backing on the plates, since they are so thin & sharp.

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  1. Waou, and indeed here you are equipped well!!
    You are going to be able to make of very beautiful nail art with all this, I have hête to see them.
    Blog: http: //

  2. I folded too and got all the plates. I am happy with them. I need to order some of those rhinestones wheels myself. Let us know how the large label works out! :)

  3. wow!! those are great haulz!! I've been looking forever for a metal bead but still I dont have luck...

  4. I had some old contact paper laying around and use that on the back of my bundle plates and it work out just great !

  5. Nice haul! You're gonna have so much fun with you BM plates.

  6. EVERYONE - Thanks!

    RMCANDLELIGHT - I am such a procrastinator - I have yet to get around to putting the labels on =(


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