Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sally's Haul

I had a 20% off coupon ... I got another one that I think I'll be using soon because there were a few others from the new Finger Paints colors that my closest Sally's was sold out of.  Here's what I got aside from topcoat & etc:

Left to right:  Hue Left A Message?, Laugh My Art Off, Sapphire Shimmer & Passionate Purple - which I think is the least artsy-named FP polish that I have LOL

And also the Poolside collection:

Left to right:  Pool Party, Flip Flop Fantasy, Sun Worshipper; bottom row:  Towel Boy Toy, Kiwi Cool-Ada, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.

I've actually already done 2 water marbles with these neons, and I honestly promise I will have them up tomorrow - and it's the weekend so I will have time to edit the pictures & etc.  Tonight I only had enough energy to tackle the videos, and the couple pics that this post involved.  Prepare for a picspam of epic neon proportions!  I really loved both of them =)

Thanks for reading.



  1. Those colors are Amazing girl...I am still trying to build my collection.

  2. Ooooo, I can't wait to see your neon water marble!

  3. I'm looking for your post on the marbling! And you got those cool 'artsy' colors, which I love.


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