Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NOTD: Nina Ultra Pro Last Call + M72

Monday's NOTD, I can't decide to call this like a purple, or a deep mauve, or what but it's really pretty.  Nina Ultra Pro Last call also has a gold shimmer, so to play that up I decided to do the stamping with China Glaze 2030, and Konad image plate m72:

This tip pattern has become one of my favorites, I think I've said before but it's just so forgiving.  Some are so glaring obvious if you are the slightest bit crooked.

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  1. what a great color plus the gold stamped makes more so gorgeous!!

  2. i like nina pro polish - a color like that i consider a golden plum i like that . the lst one i got was purple x-ing(glitter hell) very pretty tho. you have such long luxe nails. i do too and i wear playtex gloves for everything except washing my body/hair and my daughter hair. that keeps them safe&sound ha-ha keep up the good posts smile

  3. Very rich and classy looking konadi! I really want to get some of those Khromes for stamping. They look like they work amazingly!


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  5. Very nice mani !! your stamping are so perfect that they seem to be stickers !!
    Gorgeous nails!

  6. This looks so gorgeous on you!


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