Sunday, May 9, 2010

NOTD: OPI Sun Streaked + Hidden Treasure Fail

Yes, that's right.  I didn't think it was possible, but I had a big ol' FAIL with the wondrous Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.  I started out with a dusty I recently picked up, OPI Sun Streaked:

Nice color ... but boring.  Well, Hidden Treasure makes everything better - right?  Well, in this case actually not so much - the flakes are barely visible, it just mainly made the mani look lumpy:

I'm not sure what the problem was, if the color was just to shimmery, or too light, or too close to HT's base color?  So I though to myself, "Maybe matte-ifying it would help."  I was wrong:

Still lumpy.  Lumpier even.  And still boring.  By this time it was quite late & I didn't have time to try anything else & had to go through Thursday rather displeased with my nails.
Does anyone know what collection this OPI color is originally from BTW?  It's black label, so kind of old, but I'd never heard of it when I spotted it in the nail shop. I hope someone can satisfy my curiosity =)

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  1. It's a pretty colour, too bad HT and Matte Magic didn't pimp it up! Looks great on your skintone btw, I'd never pull that off haha!

  2. Recently I put on a nail polish I thought would be great (that's why I bought it) and it did not look good on. Seriously. Not. Good. On. Then I thought everything looks better with china glaze fairy dust on it so on it went. Uh oh, for the first time I realized a sparkly holo top coat just couldn't fix everything. So, my heart goes out to you. It's such a bummer of a lesson! Have a wonderful day! -JenB

  3. i think its because they blend too well i can even see the flakies nice try tho my nails are nubbins and one broke in the meaty part *ouch* happy mothers days to me and all :)

  4. Ohw those last mattified pictures just look awful! I'm so sorry you had to wear this for an entire day! I think it's very funny you share your failed mani with us. Usually your mani's are stunning!

  5. EVERYONE - LOL thanks for sharing my pain =)

  6. This color is from OPI's Surf Party collection (summer of 2008). It is a little pale but it's a pretty color if you need a neutral. :)



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