Thursday, May 6, 2010

NOTD: Revlon Nude Nightie & China Glaze Cleopatra Funky French

Quite a mouthful there LOL, then I went & forgot to take half of my pics =(  Apparently I was really tired & skipped pics & just went to bed when I finished Monday night (this was Tuesdays NOTD).  1 coat of Revlon Nude Nightie, which is part of the Sweet Nothings collection & a nice complimentary sheer with gold shimmer, then I did the tips in like 3 coats of China Glaze Cleopatra, from last summer's glitters.  I had no sun for my outdoor shots, and the holo bits of glitter in with the gold didn't show up in any of the pics but please use your imagination to make this more bling like it was in person:

Kind of wish I'd done maybe a black smile line, but it was cool even without =)  Thanks for reading.



  1. Wonderful !! I have CG cleopatra & I use it very often but never for a fench like this !! Great idea.

  2. This is very pretty!, I need to try this

  3. Oh the black line would have been good. It definitely would live up to the Cleopatra name. Very nice as always :)

  4. That's pretty. I don't often get to see your nail beds due to a french. I like them. How are you enjoying the snow? I'm farther north than you and we've been getting it all day long.

  5. i've been thinking about doing gold tips FOREVER! this looks great!

  6. Firt of all I love watching you do water marble tutorials! What is the best type of nail polish to use for water marble?


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