Thursday, May 13, 2010

OLD Urban Decay

Brooke found an old Urban Decay with no label ... I thought it was Radium & told her I would check for sure when I got home. After looking at my own bottle, I stand by my original assessment, especially as she said it was a little darker than what showed in her pics.

So Brooke, here's the shot of my bottle I promised you:

Left to right: Uzi, Radium, UV-B. UV-B is the only other polish that came to mind when I saw Brooke's mystery bottle, but it is more of an indigo blue.

I love old Urban Decay. I have several more bottles of polish, both old and a few newer, and I also have some of their earliest promotional material. I scanned some of it in to share with you guys, I'd guestimate that this stuff is around 15 years old!

Super-edgy at the time, and still some great colors.  I don't know if they carry much if any of this old stuff - do you have any old-school Urban Decay?

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  1. I love old UD! Your promo pics are fabulous! I sent Brooke a MUA mail as well - I am pretty sure her bottle is UVB.

    I sent her the photo that I have and it looks a little lighter than yours and closer to what she posted, so maybe its just lighting.

    Great blog, btw!

  2. I loved UD when I was in my "goth" stage around age 15. Hehe, I still have a bunch of it and I have to say- it sucks compared to the new stuff! The texture is all chalky and that damned glitter everywhere. I had Oil Slick and it was so gorgeous in theory but so disappointing.

  3. I miss the color concepts of old UD. Today, the company style is too slick and some of the products are as bland as Covergirl.

  4. I am sooooo late looking at this, I'm playing catch up so please forgive me!! I think radium is correct.

  5. EVERYONE - Thanks

    BROOKE - I think I am the queen of being behind LOL, so I'm certainly not mad at ya =)


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