Monday, May 24, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise + Hidden Treasure

Another manicure that I "stretched."  On the bottle this China Glaze polish is labeled Turned Up Turquoise (Neon) - so does that mean there's a non-neon version out there somewhere?  Either way, it was tricky to photograph as neons usually are, it is a little darker & just more vibrant than I was able to capture:

For the second day I added Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.  I had a video of this but decided against uploading it - the hard to capture color combined with less than ideal lighting made it less than impressive in motion.  The still shots don't do it justice either but I do have a few:

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  1. Amazing combo!

  2. I really do LOVE that Color...I have to find it..
    your Nails Look amazing,I've already start Following your Blog and I watch ur You tube Video's....I also have a Question????
    How do u put a Video on your Blog page like under the Nails nails that you done?????
    I really need help :/

  3. HT always adds a bit 'more' than sparkle to a mani. I like this combo.

    I gave you a 'Sweetest Blogger' award. You can pick it up from my site:

  4. EVERYONE - Thanks =)

    MZC1ARK - Sorry I'm so late responding - When you're on the video's page on YouTube, there's a button if you click on that it will expand & you can choose options, then just copy the html code provided & put it in your post.

    KIMBERLY - I am sooo late, but thank you! I'll check it out =)


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