Monday, March 22, 2010

NOTD: Claire's Innnocent/Daring Mood Polish

I'm still so behind.  You guys probably get sick of me talking about it all the time LOL, so I'll just preface these pics by saying that this is my NOTD from last Thursday ... the first of Claire's mood polishes that I've tried so far, Innocent/Daring:

I was underwhelmed.  I mean, yeah it's cool, instant funky french, but they couldn't have picked 2 more boring colors to go together.  The finish was even kind of on the matte side, with no topcoat.  So, I topped it with a coat of Sinful Pearl Harbor, and was more pleased.  You can especially see it in the shade pic below, but please trust me it was bling in all lighting:

I liked the effect  of the glitter best over the grey ... how lucky for me then, that's it's absolutely FREEZING at work.  This was my look for most of the day LOL:

I am always complaining about being cold, but there's the proof!  =)  Thanks for reading.



  1. I think it's a fun novelty mani!

  2. Wow, those color changing polishes are fun ! I want these ^^

  3. I love how they look on you long nails (and I hate cold offices too)!!

  4. I think that's an interesting color combination. I actually like it! Your nails are perfect for these color changing ones, just beautiful!

  5. WOW! I'm still waiting for my mood polishes....

  6. I have this color on right now! I am thinking of layering a sheer over it to see what happens...
    I tried to do a water marble mani last night with the Mood polishes and it was horrible! You should give it a shot since all yours come out fantasticlly!

  7. I think this looks fantastic on you! Really!
    I purchased all 5 of these, and back-up for all but this one. Like you, the combo didn't wow me. I made my decision about this color from Blog swatches, and am now kicking myself. Once I got this home, I fell in love with the slightly peached out yellow shade.

  8. I NEEED these! can you get them in the UK?


  9. Hey Colette...
    I just had someone suggest a water marble using these Mood polishes. I'm passing the idea on to you because you are, after all, the Queen of Marble!!!

  10. Grey and yellow look nice together :) nice mani!

  11. Love the idea of these polishes. I was thinking, they should make this white and pink, so that you'll get an instant french manicure!

  12. EVERYONE - Thank you so much!

    NESSA & AINOS2 - I finally got around to a marble, using Calm/Wild - it's up on YouTube now & should be up on the blog shortly.

    RUTH - Sorry, I don't think they're available in the UK (I don't think I've seen them outside of US blogs unless they've been swapped), although I could be wrong.


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