Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today’s To-Do List

I feel like I’ve been AWOL around here for a while (I do have an excuse … to come later), so just to let you guys know this is my tentative schedule …
  • Work until 3 (unfortunately)
  • Get gas (the light came on on my way in this morning LOL … procrastination for the win!
  • Yoga (even with cramps … it will make me feel better … I hope)
  • Finish my book (that was due last Thursday…)
  • Find some time to write (I think I only wrote maybe 5 times in Feb … about equal to the amount of yoga I did in Feb … kind of a sucky month)
Blog related:
  • March resolutions accountability
  • Get some books posted
  • Edit nail pics for the past few days & also from the weekend with Tee & post (I think at least 3 NOTDs but I don’t quite remember ATM, plus some real life stuff)
  • Do 1 of the 2 St. Patrick’s Day manis in my head … one will be a marble, one will be shamrocks, I plan tutorials for both.
  • Comments … OMG. I swear, once I’m caught up it will be all better. If I can ever just sit down uninterrupted & finish the job. I was behind all February … I do apologize to you all, I love hearing from you guys =)
  • Probably more stuff… I have a lot in draft. But this list is long enough LOL.
Will I get this all done? Possible = yes. Probable = no. We’ll see. Stay tuned. Thanks for reading =)


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