Saturday, March 20, 2010


That would be the sound of me falling off the no-buy wagon LOL.  Taken alone, none of these small hauls would be that bad ... but then I put them all together, and the 9 little piles turn into:

Kind of a lot.  I'll give you the details on colors, but even though each purchase has it's own little story, I'm going to try & keep this post from getting out of control long LOL.  The groups above are numbered in the order that I purchased them =)  A couple of these are from the end of February, while the most recent is from just today.

Batch #1 - Top row:  Nina Ultra Pro Velvet Revolver, Velveteen Rabbit, Viva La Velvet, Velvet Underground.  Bottom row:  Velvet Seas, Vintage Velvet, Emerald City, Savvy Gotcha Grape:

I HAD to buy this stuff.  Had to.  I had a $5.00 coupon (from renewing my Sally card) & it expired on that Sunday.  It would have been like throwing money out the window!  Then, when I walked into Sally's, what do I see but this entire Crushed Velvet collection on clearance - all 6 colors!  Had to be meant for me.  HAD to be.  Then I kind of poked around & spotted a couple of others that wanted to come home with me ... I only spent like $20.00, including a new nail file (not pictured) for Grandma for her upcoming birthday.

Batch #2 - Maybelline Pie In The Sky & Goody Plum Drop:

I had to get these because the spring Maybelline Sweet Thing collection won't be around forever ... I am still on the lookout for the green, Minty, but I love the blue & the purple.  Then when I got to the checkout they were on sale ... so I kind of hit another Walgreens the next day....

Batch #3 - Maybelline Denim Dash, Grape Times, Sally Hansen Emerald City (a backup bottle since I seem to go to this green a lot for nail art), Zip, & Opulent Cloud:

The prize of this batch, obviously, is OC.  MONTHS I've been lemming this, waiting "patiently" ... or not so much LOL.  There was a small, empty display at the front of the store, and I was discouraged, but I checked the back aisle out of  a sense of obligation & found this bottle!

Batch #4 - Claire's Chunky Purple, Chunky Blue, Twinkle Twinkle & Red Carpet:

I went looking for the mood polishes ... and came up empty.  They only had the pink, which I had ZERO interest in.  But I couldn't walk out with nothing to show for my efforts (right?).

Batch #5 - Top row:  Claire's Glam & Diva.  Bottom row:  Happy/Earthy, Peaceful/Confident, Innocent/Daring & Calm/Wild:

Finally got my Mood polishes =)  I've already worn one of them, but I'm like 3 NOTDs & 2 guest NOTDs behind right now.  Hopefully I'll get caught up over the weekend so you can see =)

"Batch" #6 - just OPI MPJ =)  Which already had its very own post a few days ago, due to its sheer awesomeness, so I'll refrain from posting it again here LOL.  I don't even know the name of the nail salon that I picked this up in, I just know it was across the aisle from Claire's.  Real pics of a full mani will be coming I think as soon as the sun is reliably out again =)

Batch #7 - Top row:  Icing 7th Inning Stretch, Putty Concrete, Paparazzi.  Bottom row:  Peacock, Lady Luck (matte) & Jens Pick:

Lady Luck is the color I actually worn on St. Patrick's day.  With topcoat added of course.  I really liked it, and I'm looking forward to trying out the rest of these too - especially Paparazzi.  I've been on the lookout for that since I saw it on blogs like last fall, although I wouldn't quite classify it as a hardcore lemming.

Batch #8 - Top row:  Cyberspace, Hi-Tech, 3D.  Bottom row:  Hi-Res, Digital & HD:

You will never guess where I finally found the Milani holos - well, actually I guess you don't really have to guess, since I'll tell you:  The grocery store!  Yes, Cub Foods had a shiny new Milani display that had already been hit pretty hard, but still had all 6 colors.  I almost fainted LOL, I swear I was shocked.

Batch #9 - Top row:  Borghese Stellare Notte, Wet 'n' Wild Blue Moon.  Bottom row:  Sally Hansen Wet Cement, Going Green, Pacific Blue & Purple Pizzazz:

This was purely retail therapy ... I couldn't find any shoes at DSW LOL, so I went across the street to Walgreens.  I had my fingers crossed for Minty, but still no luck.  But Stellare Notte was a pretty nice find =)  & the nail files on the side were on sale for only $0.99!  For a double-sided glass file that's a deal.  So I got one for me, one for Mom & one for Tee =)

So ... I guess I can't keep calling this a no-buy.  I've had a few too many "oopsie" moments LOL.  And I haven't even made my planned online haul yet ... I'm forcing myself to wait until I've done my taxes ... otherwise I'd probably push those off even longer LOL.  But there are several spring collections that I don't want to pay full retail for.  So the plan is to do the taxes tomorrow, and place my order tomorrow night, and find some time in between for posting ... and comments.  Since I find myself up way too late already to think about tackling them tonight.

Thanks for reading.



  1. EEK! Don't you just LOVE finding things you've been lusting over for weeks. It's such a triumphant feeling finding those polishes. LOL I live for those moments. HAHA. I love how you grouped your haul into little clumps. So cute!!! =D Can't wait to see some swatches!! Especially those crushed velvet polishes! Have a good day!!

  2. Your a bad girl.......but.............we love it.
    Nice haul,

  3. WOW, that's a HUGE haul! Hey...if yer gonna fall off the it ALL the way!

  4. Fantastic hauls! I'm on a no-buy too *wink* I just found a store that sells Kleancolor though- haven't purchased yet, but we'll see.

  5. I'm like you too, going to different stores and keep buying polishes when I find them. Love the hauls :-)

  6. Excuse me while I indulge in a bout of jealousy. Ok, wow! Lucky girl, very nice hauls :) I keep checking my Wal Mart for that SH Wet Cement but they haven't had it for months. Every time I look for it though I pick up Pacific Blue, put it down, pick it up, put it down. It hasn't made it home with me yet but I imagine it will soon lol.

  7. #1 - That nina ultra pro velvet collection is awesome! I have most of the colors. If you like it half as much as I do, you won't regret that purchase. And on sale!

    #2 - I love those two Maybelline's 50 second polish colors. They are super flattering to my skin - they're tinted(?) just right. I like wearing these when I have to be in a conservative situation but still want color on my nails. For pale colors, they just did something special to each of them to make them wonderful. Good buy! (And I'm thinking both Sally Beauty and Walgreens around here don't have these kind of good sales!)

    #3 - Okay, while you still have your Denim Dash receipt, check the formula. I bought it (okay based upon the name alone) and by the time I tried it realized the formula had differently-sized weird particles in it, not sparkles or anything. Like they've got bad quality control and still decided to sell the crud anyway. So, I don't know if I still have the receipt but I just wanted to warn you. Oh and the SH Emerald City - I like that one, too. Just always, no special reason, I just keep on reaching for it.

    #9 - Oooh, those sally hansens are all great colors. Those glass files are very pretty! Wow, your Walgreens are really good for sale items! Hmm, don't know why but sally hansen stuff is super available here with stock getting bought out and then completely replaced. It just has led me to buy a bunch of it because I see it everywhere. That Xtreme Wear line has some great colors and I must admit I like those little bottles. -JenB

  8. You know, it was hard for me to actually find Pie in the Sky! Minty I found right away. And I'm still hunting for the new Revlons, too. I keep calling myself on a low buy as I've only managed to get the Maybellines and a couple of the mood polishes! You did get your hands on some good stuff, and those files at 99 cents are a steal! You found a TON of good Claire's polishes!

  9. like the icing collection the best. the borghese
    costs a small fortune, dosen't it?

  10. There's no two ways about it -- when you need therapy, you need therapy, and retail therapy is one of the best. ;)
    And you totally deserve a reward for doing your taxes. I support you all the way. ;)

  11. i love this! the claire's mood colors look fab. A lot of their polishes go chunky in less than amonth for me so i'm usually discouraged. The Maybelline pastel polishes are cute, but I wasn't happy with them making the lilac a shimmer. Kind of wanted it to be happy go lucky spring cream lol

  12. EVERYONE - Thanks!

    JEN B - Hmm, the formula on mine seems to be OK, not flawless but certainly not chunky or with particles.

    NADEGE - I think it was like $8.00 which is a bit much for drugstore. I don't see myself buying any more at this point, their normal colors are not that interesting.


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