Thursday, March 4, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Visit Me In Prism (+ OPI My Big Break)

I have to start off with saying WOW because I hit 300+ followers today!  Thanks to each & every one of you =)  It tickles me that my little corner of the world has attracted actual readers/viewers.  Today is also a pretty awesome day on the YouTube side - I hit over 10,000 views!  That is seriously flabbergasting me ... I'm STILL not super-confident on camera doing tutorials, but I'm glad to help out everyone who watches my videos =)

On to the nail pics ... still playing catchup.  This started out Monday's NOTD, then got a little added & stuck around for Tuesday.  I started out with China Glaze Visit Me In Prism, from the Kaleidoscope collection, which is a really pretty holo that's more on the chunky side.

In color it reminds me of OPI DS Diamond, very soft silvery mauve holo, although not in texture (top is natural lamp, bottom is with camera flash):

I didn't have time for a whole new mani on Monday night, so I decided to just add something to it.  I was inspired when I saw this design on Trincess & also on Doo, and I decided to do my version.  To go with the mauve, I chose OPI My Big Break for my accent color:

What do you think?  I liked it, although I wish I'd had a little bit of a lighter touch, as it gets a little wide towards the tips.  But I'd definitely try this style again. 

Thanks for reading.



  1. I like your take on the Lubu variation...the Kaleidoscopes remind me of the new Milanis...sad I missed out on them. I love your tutorials!

  2. I love the lubu interpretation, I need to try that!

  3. Visit me in Prism is really gorgeous ! And I love your design with Big break, I have to try this !

  4. I need My Big Break! I already have Visit Me In Prism. But I *need* My Big Break.

  5. Looks really cool together :D

  6. I like. That's a really quick and easy way to change your mani. I actually like that it got wider closer to the tip too - seems more three-dimensional that way.

  7. EVERYONE - Thank you =)

    ELIZABETH - I've missed out on the new Milani's too so far =(

  8. I came across your videos on youtube and I FELL IN LOVE!!!!! I even showed my husband what I'll be doing this weekend. Quick question. Do you do this on real nails or on false ones? And if it's on fake ones, do you buy them and apply yourself or have them done


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