Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Accountability: March Check Up

So, in an effort to be more accountable to myself, I'm looking back at the start of each month to see how I'm doing with sticking to the resolutions that I made at the beginning of the year.  Hopefully this will keep me on task ... or get me back on if I get off track LOL.  So here we go:
  • Losing Weight - I felt like I had a very lame February.  I didn't lose, I didn't gain, I didn't anything.  Well, of course that includes not doing any yoga for so many reasons ... excuses.  Well, it's a new month, I'm trying to get back on track.
  • Budget - Even with a budget sheet right in front of me, I don't know how I manage to spend so much money LOL!  Why is crap so expensive?  And now I've got a repair to my car that's going to be over a thousand dollars, eating up what I had managed to save.  I'm hoping my refund will cover the rest ... of course that means actually sitting down & getting my taxes DONE, ugh =(
  • Schedule - I don't know why February was so hectic.  The only "holiday" if you want to call it that was my mom's birthday, and while we did make a few out of the norm excursions, I  honestly don't know why else I've been so busy.
  • Reading - FAIL.  I am about to finish my 10th book ... that's like half the pace I wanted to set.  Even last year, my slow year, I was at 13 at this time.  Not to mention that Tee has picked up the Kushiel series again (finally) so I want to finish reading it with her.  That adds 3 more 700 page door-stoppers to my already overflowing list LOL.  A good problem to have I suppose, too many good things to read.
  • Socializing - I think I actually get a gold star here =)  Considering I just spent the whole weekend away from home ... not like I went that far LOL, just to Tee's, and spent Saturday & Sunday hanging out with her & Max.  Let me introduce Max:

He's the biggest sweetie =)  I did Tee's nails too, but like a total idiot I forgot to take any pics.  Probably had to do with the liquor LOL, also the abundance of good food & movies & Scrabble games.
  • Comments - Dear Lord, I can't even say anything in my own defense, other than FAIL.  FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL ... maybe this month I'll manage to get caught up.
  • Throughout Me -Not quite a fail, but only 2 posts in February.  Every time I post I think I'll do better but then all of a sudden it's like, oops...
How are you doing with your resolutions?  Still on track or maybe fallen off the wagon?  Thanks for reading.



  1. LOL – this made me giggle.
    I have a fair few of the same resolutions and a lot of mine are FAILS! Its just so hard to stick to them sometimes!
    But hopefully I can get back on track with following through – and if not there’s always next year ;)
    FYI – Max is heaps cute!

  2. SUCH-IS-JAHNICE - I'm trying to get a fresh start in March since February was kind of a bust LOL


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