Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tag Catchup

I've been tagged quite a few times recently ... well, in some cases not so recently & I have to apologize because I really think some of these are fun =)  & I totally don't have time to do them justice, but I'd like to catch up a little bit, and if I miss any I apologize in advance!

To start (I don't remember if this one was actually first LOL) I was tagged by Angie over at Pandaphilia for this Beautiful Blogger award:

And this comes with telling you guys lots of things that I like, in 8s ... but since I'm short of time, I kind of just picked the ones I liked LOL =)  And didn't make it to 8 on all of them ... but it's the thought that counts, right?  I should also say these aren't like, in order of priority. 

8 TV shows I like to watch (& yes, I realize it's a little reality-TV heavy LOL):
1.  South Park
2.  True Blood
3.  America's Next Top Model
4.  The news - I'm almost a junkie LOL, I usually watch local every night at 5, 6 & 10 in addition to national
5.  American Idol
6.  So You Think You Can Dance
7.  Project Runway 
8.  Hoarders - if you haven't seen it, it is morbidly fascinating.  Something I sometimes feel like I watch the whole show with my jaw dropped wide open

8 favorite places to eat & drink:
1.  Home or family's home - you guys know I love to cook & so do Mom & Grandma =)
2.  Jamba Juice - if there was one closer I'd probably be there every day
3.  Chinese buffets
4.  Athens Cafe
5.  Truffles & Tortes - well, only desserts, but you've seen what I bring home from there!
6.  Salad bar
7.  Oak City

8 things I love about winter:
1.  Snow - on the weekend though please, so I don't have to drive in it LOL
2.  Beautiful Ice
3.  No bugs!
4.  Being snuggly & warm inside

8 things on my wishlist:
1.  A new camera
2.  A laptop ... usually I love being at my desk because I can multi-task, but when summer comes I wish I could take it outside
3.  A 3rd Helmer ... this should be coming true pretty soon =)
4.  A DVR - yes I am old school & actually record things on tape if I can't watch them
5.  A boyfriend ... no seriously, I'm sick of being single LOL

8 things I'm passionate about:
1.  Well, apparently blogging =)  I never thought I would last when I started
2.  Writing
3.  Reading
4.  Family
8 words/phrases I often use (several of which may make no sense if you don't watch/listen to the same things I do):
1.  Respect my authority!
2.  That's absurd
3.  For the win
4.  I'll do what I want
5.  Meh

Thank you Angie for this award =)  Sorry I'm so late putting it up.

I was also nominated by Kelsealaurel for this Happy 101 Tag:

So I'm supposed to put 10 facts about myself.  I have a feeling I'm going to come up short, I'm feeling kind of brain dead at the moment (I slept 13 hours last night, but I really only got up because I thought I should do so while it was still light out ... I kind of wanted to roller over & snooze some more LOL).  So some of these are on the easy-out side =)

1.  Along those lines, I'm always sleepy.  I short myself during the week, and I'm working on that, but during the weekends I sleep until I feel obligated to get up.
2.  I have a cat named Frisky, who hasn't made an appearance on the blog lately, but who does happen to be sleeping nearby on my bed ATM.  I know most of you guys like animals, I'll take a pic:

3.  I am really enjoying the whole YouTube thing more than anticipated (much like blogging LOL).  I reached 200 subscribers today - a feat that my blog only managed to just reach in January LOL, and I've had my YT channel lass than 4 months ... so I must be doing something right =)  I'm so glad people are enjoying it.
4.  I'm hoping to hit the lotto tonight - LOL not something I usually participate in, but we put together a pool at work, 30 people each put in $2.00 for a total of 60 tickets for the jackpot that is supposed to be over 200 million.  LMAO if we actually won, I don't know what our company would do since it's literally almost half of our Minneapolis office that would be rich.
5.  A good way to gauge how much I'm exercising is how messy my room is - I have to have an open area to do my yoga, which equals a pretty clean room, but if I've skipped a few days shoes, books, boxes of polish & other stuff start to create a lot of clutter.
6.  My desk is the same way - I clean it off when I do a video tutorial, but it soon fills back up with polish, Konad plates, nail files & other nail-related clutter =)
    One more, and this one came from Mari & Lissi over at Nail Addicts Anonymous, the Best Blog Award:

    Technically I'm supposed to tag some more people, but I'm ducking out on that responsibility because if I wait until I have time for that I'm afraid this would never get posted LOL.

    Thanks to everyone =)  & Thanks for reading.


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