Saturday, March 27, 2010

NOTD: Purple Lattice (Maybelline Goody Plum Drop + Grape Times) + Tutorial

Although I liked the blue color combination better, I really like the designs I did with this purple version.  I actually sat down & sketched out my ideas before I started this mani, picked the ones I liked best, and then did them so that each finger was different, and had a mirror image on the opposite hand.  Base color is Maybelline Goody Plum Drop (except the reversed accent nails) and the stripes are done with Maybelline Grape Times:

Here's the tutorial (eventually ... YT is quite slow on a Saturday, unfortunately):

Thanks for reading =)



  1. How was the application on this color? Any better?

  2. Colette,

    This is absolutely simple and yet beautiful.
    Would you mind if I copied your design and do a post about it please? I'll definitely credit the nail art to you if you agree =)

  3. I love this deign ! It's gorgeous :)

  4. I like this design a lot! You're very creative :)

  5. EVERYONE - Thank you!

    LOVERLADA - IIRC, the application on this was better than the blue. At least, it wasn't so bad that I still remember LOL

    BERRY T - If you haven't already, definitely feel free to do any of the designs I post =) I'm glad I could inspire you.


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