Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NOTD: Zoya Freja

This is a great grey.  Zoya Freja is dark but with a hint of purple & turquoise shimmer in the bottle that unfortunately doesn't show up much on the nail.  I thought maybe I could play it up a little by using China Glaze IDK for my Konading with plate m56, with limited success.  Not to mention how rusty my french-tip skills apparently are LOL:

Those are raindrops in the last pic, the reason for no sun =(  My right hand actually ended up with straighter tips for some reason ...go figure.  Thanks for reading =)



  1. How lovely! From the smaller image (you know the teaser image the blogger dashboard shows?), I thought you had french-tipped your nails with a multi-glitter (like Mad as a Hatter). But the swirls with IDK looks so beautiful, and I think it really adds something to Zoya's Freja. Great choice!

  2. Ooh wonderful combo! This makes me wish I could grow my nails that long just to do mani's like that..

  3. Very pretty ! Love the color combo ^^

  4. LOVE! The last pic with the raindrop is my favorite - I am a pro photog, and whenever I see things captured like this, I just go crazy....


  5. EVERYONE - Thank you so much

    YARDSTICKS - Thank you - the more I learn about photography, the more of a noob I consider myself LOL, but I enjoy it =) and I try to keep getting better.


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