Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guest NOTD: Neon Pink & Black Water Marble

I've just got to get right to the pictures.  They don't do this mani justice, just imagine the pink twice as bright & you'll come close.  Base color of Sally Hansen Black Out, water marbling done with Black Out, Sinful Fusion Neon & Sinful Dream On:

I loved it, Tee loved it (well, loved most of it ... there were a couple she wanted to redo but we were short on time), & I will be doing a tutorial with the same style of dragging but some different bright colors maybe this weekend.  This started out pretty, but really popped after we added topcoat, I did take a quick pic as a comparison shot:

I also have a NOTD of mine & another of Mom's to edit & post but this was so pretty it took precedence LOL...  I think Mom & Tee are doing their nails more often lately, seems like I am posting as much of them as of myself!  
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  1. Nice colors. I'm really liking that. I tried my 2nd one this week. I'm not a pro like you, but it was fun learning it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. wow i've been thinking of doin a pink and black marble but wasn't sure how it'd turn out...yours turned out so gorgeous! i hope mine turns out half as nice as yours when i try it...your hands are so pretty by the way! =)

  3. Of course! Another beautiful manicure from the queen of water marble. I haven't tried this technique out, but you have it down to an art.

  4. How long does it take you to do all 10 nails? Do you set up 10 cups or do you do 1 cup at a time? I have not tried this technique but want to give it a try just not sure how much time to allot. Thanks!

  5. I love your manicure


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