Friday, March 26, 2010

NOTD: Maybelline Pie In The Sky & Denim Dash

I loved this mani so much, it's on my nails again in a purple version =)  Pie in the Sky is from Maybelline's spring collection, Sweet Thing, and Denim Dash is one of the new colors recently added to their core line.  With the exception of accent nails on ring & thumb, I used PitS for my base & DD for the nail art, which I just used a liner brush to do.  I decided to call this my lattice design, and I switched it up a little on each nail:

I don't usually talk a lot about application & stuff ... if I like the color, I'm going to suffer through.  But the application on PitS was bad enough that I just want to let you guys know.  It was just gross.  DD on the other hand, which I'd actually been warned about, went on fine.  Yet, it was the reverse for the nail art - DD sucked & PitS was really smooth.  Whatever.  End result was good, if a bit on the messy side.
I kind of refined this idea & actually did some sketches before I did the purple version & accompanying tutorial.  I still actually like the blue on blue color combination better, but I like the designs I did for purple on purple.  I hope to have that up either later tonight (which I'll admit is on the doubtful side considering how late it already is...) or tomorrow.  So stay tuned =)  
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  1. Great color combo and design! Thanks for sharing! -JenB

  2. Plus I really like that this design can be scaled down for short fingernails and still look good! -JenB

  3. I'm glad it isn't just me on the application of PitS. I bought it because it was so pretty, rushed home and put it disappointing. I found it kinda watery?

  4. Amazing i love the blue , your nails is beautiful

  5. This is awesome! I nominated you for the I ♥ your blog award. check it out here:

  6. I love love love these. the colors, the designs, everything about them really came together!

  7. EVERYONE - Thank you

    POLISH & KONAD - Thanks, I'll check it out =) Although lord knows when I'll get around to "formally" accepting it, I am so behind! (obviously)


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