Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NOTD: Clovers/Shamrocks + Tutorial

Uhmmm... oops on taking a pic of this green pre-nail art.  I think that's pretty much always a sign that I'm really up too late doing my nails LOL.  So of course there are some things I would fix with this - but overall I liked it, it was super-festive & fun to wear.  I stuck with just 3 leaves except on my thumbs with I did lucky 4 leafed-clovers.  (I also made the mistake of connecting them in the center on the thumbs ... it made them look much sloppier)

For my base color, I used Nina Ultra Pro Emerald City (I did just get this, I swear, my hauls post is coming soon LOL).  Then for doing the clovers (or shamrocks ... although apparently clovers can have 3 or 4 leaves & shamrocks always only have 3), I used China Glaze GR8.  The holo was not super-apparent, but it was still a nice sparkly gold:

On another note, have I mentioned lately that I am a complete spazz 95% of the time? I JUST noticed today – after almost 4 months mind you – that I mis-spelled my name for my YouTube account…. Instead of SimpleLittlePleasures it shows as SimpleLittlePleasues.  I don’t know how my eyeballs managed to skim over that for so long but talk about irritating … of course, since I’m already at the character limit, I actually could not have it the way I wanted, it would have to be SimpleLittlePleasure … grrr.

Anyway, that’s my little mini-rant.  Since there’s no way to change it I’ll probably just complain about it at random intervals.  Because no way in hell would I start over, lose my subsribers & all the views my tutorials have received.  Especially since I can’t even have the name I want anyway.  My consolation is that my channel name does match the proper name of my blog, so … yeah.

That’s out of the way, enjoy the latest tut =)

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    So glad yours came out better than mine!

  2. Great ! I love your freehand clovers ^^

  3. This mani looks really great on your nails! :)
    Good job. :)

  4. Very nice! I like how you have the stems in different directions. And the dots were a nice touch, too! As usual, a great tutorial video. -JenB

  5. I love love this!!! Very nice.. i'm glad you post a tutorial also.

  6. Hi, Colette! This would be a standout submission to our Lucky Nails St Patrick's Day Nail art contest! Have you tried submitting? I hope you will! Here's the link to the contest :) http://www.facebook.com/dazzledry?sk=app_316053348451613


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